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5 Reasons Why Confetti Is The Secret Ingredient To Make Your Events Happier


Ready to add a super festive atmosphere to your next celebration? By using a special effect like confetti, it will make your event more memorable! Not just the tiny, glittering small pieces of conf …

The Ultimate Guide to Confetti Cannons For Special Effects


What Are Confetti Cannons?Imagine the enchantment of a celebration where bursts of vibrant colors fill the air, spreading joy and excitement among the crowd. That's the magic confetti cannons creat …

Make Your Party Unique with Our Selection of Custom-Colored Confetti


Planning a party celebration is incomplete without some amazing high-quality confetti. However, any off-the-shelf confetti cannot get the job done because every confetti product is not the same. …

Choosing Your Wedding Colors

Posted by Genesis Samson on 06/22/23

www.apaperproposal.comWhen it comes to planning a wedding, choosing a color scheme is one of the first of many decisions you’ll make. The colors you select can determine everything about your wed …

Your Ultimate Guide to Capturing Stunning Photos with Confetti


What can add a more festive touch to celebratory photos than confetti! But whether your event utilizes a confetti cannon, blowers, or flick sticks capturing the special moment in pictures can presen …

Reflections by Ronee: Groundbreaking in Sarasota

Posted by Genesis Samson on 03/03/21

One of our favorite things about working at Flutter FETTI is getting to be a part of other people’s celebrations. Recently, we had the pleasure of helping Clarke Advertising and Public Relations (o …

How to Inspire Employee Involvement in a Corporate Fundraiser

Posted by Genesis Samson on 03/03/21

After Hurricane Sandy wiped out the Northeast U.S. coast recently, it reminded us once again how important corporate fundraising really is. With so many people working in the corporate world there …

Put Some WOW Into Your IPO Announcement

Posted by Genesis Samson on 02/25/21

Taking your company public is not a big event – it’s a HUGE event.  Whenever a company announces its IPO (initial public offering), there’s a reason to celebrate.  It means more investors …