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Choosing Your Wedding Colors

Posted by Genesis Samson on 06/22/23


When it comes to planning a wedding, choosing a color scheme is one of the first of many decisions you’ll make. The colors you select can determine everything about your wedding; from the atmosphere, to the flowers and dresses, even down to the details of design for your invitations. For those who have been planning their big day since they were little girls, this may be an easy choice. For others, this can be a nerve-wracking experience. If you’re struggling with this decision, you’re certainly not alone! The Flutter FETTI Team works with thousands of brides each year to color coordinate our confetti and streamer products to their themes.

Let’s talk color!



Flutter FETTI in action
Flutter FETTI in action

One of the first things to consider is your location and season. Will you be having your wedding indoors or outdoors? The ambience of your location will greatly reflect on your wedding. Consider the scenery that will surround you on your big day to find a palette that feels timelessly organic.

Primary or Secondary?

Another reference point when choosing your color scheme is to determine just how the colors will be used. Do you plan on your wedding colors being front and center in the attire and primary décor? Or would you prefer a muted blend of background colors? Determining the way in which you plan to utilize the colors will greatly decrease your stress in the planning process.

Now is a great time to check out a Color Wheel (you can find them online). The Color Wheel is simplified into twelve colors. A color scheme is made up by creating various complementary combinations of these colors. Once you’ve chosen the base colors, you can experiment with different tints and tones.

However, above all else, choose what you love! Rather than overthink things, simply pick one or two colors you are absolutely enamored with and incorporate them into your wedding whenever you feel it flows.

Wedding Image

Here are a few tips to consider in relation to venue, season, and colors:

If your venue is a farm setting in the Spring use the rustic imagery as your muse! Spring blossoms with a plethora of colors, giving you a fantastic range of hues to choose. If there’s a barn use it as a backdrop for pictures. You can incorporate yellows, teals, greens, pinks, and a ton of other combinations for center pieces. Insider Tip: Our battery operated wireless Tabletop Confetti Launchers take your centerpieces to the next level!  Using a three-color combination is a safe way to go no matter the season.

Beach weddings naturally have a light and airy feel about them, so the colors for the wedding should reflect this. Using a neutral color, like white, as a base really allows any other colors to POP! For example: covering the guest setting in a white cloth, then tying a turquoise, hot pink, or other colored sash around the back of the chair helps to make a bold yet, sophisticated statement.

Planning an elegant church wedding?  Generally, the church serves as a backdrop, so it’s important to choose a color palette that feels harmonious with your place of worship. Take note of fabrics and other decor that may need to be coordinated with. A popular combination is white, purple and pale green flowers used as ornamental décor lining the Bride’s walkway.


Remember, choosing a color scheme doesn’t have to be rigid or limiting. Have fun with it! For more tips and wedding ideas please visit our blog where you’ll find a wide variety to help you brainstorm.  Have you picked your event colors? Contact our team of Confettiologists and we’ll recommend the best confetti and streamer options to perfectly complement your theme!

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