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Looking for a way to enhance your patrons experiences and have them talking about your place?

Make Flutter FETTI part of your venue’s excitement and create the “WOW!" Factor. What is Flutter FETTI? Actually you know Flutter FETTI, undoubtedly you’ve seen it. It flutters, flies and floats down on Super Bowl, Nascar or other Sporting Event Champions to enhance their victory with their fans. You may have seen it used in shows at Disney and Universal, or on game show winners, TV commercials, or concert finales.

If you’re in a crowd and Flutter FETTI rains down on you, there’s an unpreventable excitement and goose-bump factor that takes over! Flutter FETTI is perfect for crowds indoors and outdoors, large or small. It can be choreographed with music. OUR NIGHTCLUB CONFETTI MAKES YOUR PLACE UNFORGETTABLE! Flutter FETTI will pump up your crowd, your audience, your people-INSTANTLY. Afterwards, as our nightclub confetti appears on the floor, it lights up the venue and lets everyone know that something great and exciting happened here. The word will spread. THIS is the place to be!

Flutter FETTI can be deployed by a staff member or a DJ by using our Airless “Hand Flick” Launchers or it can be shot from CO2 launchers or blown out of continuous flow “Gerbs” showering the crowd with pounds of colorful and memorable Flutter FETTI. We offer exciting "special effects" and bar party decorations for your venue's size and ceiling height.

Our Flutter FETTI is biodegradable and flame proof, perfect for bars and nightclubs and is available in a wide variety of colors. Go for a beautiful all-white look, or custom order your nightclub confetti so that it coordinates seamlessly with your venue’s color scheme!

Our nightclub confetti is ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces. Use these bar party decorations in a smaller location with ease. Design it to release during an end-of-night event or after a concert. Choreograph it to music. It INSTANTLY gets people pumped up without you doing anything else. It's a versatile tool that works! When you shower your audience with Flutter FETTI and watch in amazement how the fun and excitement begins you'll wish you had been using it since you opened.

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