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Coming up with new and exciting ways to please clients isn’t easy. If you’re an event planner or a production planner, you know that the pressure is always on you to do something bigger, better, and bolder to get the attention of your clients’ customers, fans, and employees. That is not an easy job to do, especially when you need to do it so often. Using confetti decorations for events is a fun and exciting way to add pure joy to your events.




Why Not Blow Their Minds!

Flutter FETTI is one of the best solutions for boring situations or any instance when you need to do something over the top that is going to capture the attention of the whole crowd. If you are looking for a way to create a sensation, and you want to do what is unexpected, event planning confetti is the route to take.

We’re constantly surprised by how many event planners haven’t heard of Flutter FETTI confetti products yet – but once they do, and they employ it, they are always raving about how easy it was to make such a big deal! Flutter Fetti is THE confetti decoration for events!


Chances Are Good You Have Seen Flutter FETTI Confetti for Events in Action!

Flutter FETTI is something you have experienced in the past in most cases. For example, you have seen big special events use it. The Super Bowl uses it! It’s always present at film and theater shows, trophy presentations to sporting event winners, and at most sporting events in whole. It is also used heavily in Hollywood, whether at a movie premiere or in the production process. You have likely seen it in movies and on TV commercials at some point. Perhaps you’ve seen football players laying on the field making confetti angels – that’s Flutter FETTI, and it’s very accessible to you and your next event.


We Have the Special Effects You’re Looking For!

Flutter FETTI has the largest boutique of USA hand made confetti and streamer special effects products. We offer a large selection of "Special Effect" products that includes a wide variety of launchers from Hand-Flick tubes to launchers which can blow a pound of Flutter FETTI Confetti per second 100' high into the air! Our styles of cannons include the following methods of launching our products:

* A wide variety of "Hand-Flick” Confetti Streamer Launchers which require NO Co2.

* 3 Types of Hand-Held Co2 Launchers which use our Patented Co2 Piercing Units.

* X-6 Version 3Electric Remote Controlled Launchers allowing our large 2” X 40’ long streamers to fly 110' into the air which uses our Patented 10” Piercing Unit.

* Table Top Launchers fired with a push button control unit or a wireless transmitter.

* The Surprise Box filled with our die cut confetti products offers just what it's name implies a BIG SURPRISE!

*The Red Blower which continuously blows Flutter FETTI products 15' into the air.

* 3 sizes of Continuous Flow Blowers- Our Baby Gerb, our 3" and 6" Gerbs all which deliver a wall of Confetti in the air for the correct ceiling height in your venue.

* Our 9-Barrel POD which can simulate our confetti and streamer products to look just like Fireworks!


The Gerbs, X-6 Version 3 and the 9 Barrel POD are all compatible with your DMX system.

Our cannons work to launch and blow confetti and custom-designed streamers in many different methods. You will find a variety and a solution right for your event. Whether it is an indoor or outdoor event, you can count on our Flutter FETTI products to stand out. Our tissue products are biodegradable and our PVC film and tissue is flame proof and easy to clean up as well! We even offer "water soluble" tissue in all white if your venue requires a quick clean up solution.

Our Co2 launchers use our U.S.patented (#10,222,169B2) piercing units, which can hold the Co2 for days since they won't leak. Because the piercing units come in 6”, 8”, and 10" sizes they warm the Co2 when you screw it in, and it expands the gas making it more powerful when you shoot our launchers off. These piercing units are considered the best in the industry.

Even better, our confetti products are sold to event planners and production companies at WHOLESALE prices. That makes it one of the best ways for you to add a lot of excitement to an event and still make money off of it!


We Make Your Events More Memorable and Successful

It doesn’t matter the size or the type of event. Your goal is to impress those who are there. With Flutter FETTI event planning confetti products, you can do that with ease. We’ve designed these products to be unique and unforgettable. We've included all of the colors and styles that you need.

We GUARANTEE you will receive incredible customer service and products that are HAND-MADE in the US just for your specific needs. Our Confettiologists work closely with you in this process, creating unique blends of colors and products to make stunning displays. It’s not only a fantastic way to get people interested, but it is always easy to work with our professionals.

Some of our favorite events:

New Years`
Corporate Events
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
Universal's Thanksgiving and Christmas Parades
Gender Reveal Parties
Bar and Bat Mitzvah's
School Events and Graduations
Sporting Events
Mardi Gras
Church Celebrations
Political Rallies
TV Commercials
Birthday Parties and Anniversary Celebrations


Let us help you determine which of our FLUTTER FETTI confetti decorations are the perfect product for events in your business. Ask us about wholesale products, too. If you’re responsible for your client’s happiness at the end of this event, we want to help you "WOW!"them. Contact us for wholesale pricing information by calling (877) 321-1999.

You will not be disappointed in the service or the event planning confetti products.

P.S. We are proud members of ILEA and NACE.