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Your Ultimate Guide to Capturing Stunning Photos with Confetti


What can add a more festive touch to celebratory photos than confetti! But whether your event utilizes a confetti cannon, blowers, or flick sticks capturing the special moment in pictures can present a challenge. To avoid blurry images and awkward expressions, it will take some careful planning that involves timing, finding the perfect location, and of course, the best type of confetti. Additionally, you’ll also need to cue your guests in as to what to do (and what not to do) as you take the photos. Read on to learn more about making your shoot a success.

Choose the right custom colors and amount of confetti needed for your shot.

In addition to the perfect lighting, you’ll need perfect custom-colored confetti. Also, when photographing confetti flying in the air excellent photos don’t always happen on the first try. You’ll probably need many takes to get the right shot. So be sure to have plenty of confetti on hand when taking your photos.

Considering this possibility, you’ll need to opt for a confetti cannon/blower or flick sticks simply depending on the effect you’re trying to achieve.

Biodegradable tissue is a must for outdoor shoots because you don’t want to hurt the environment plus you won’t have the time or the means to clear out all the confetti. Plus, you should have on hand an outdoor shop vac to help pick up all the confetti from the photo shoot. So, choosing eco-friendly confetti proves to be worthwhile for your photo shoot outdoors.

For indoor photos, there’s one important tip to consider: how much confetti do you want in the photo? It’s important to always have test shots using either a launcher or flick sticks. You’ll want to position the people in the photo shoot first then use just a small amount of confetti to shower them with. They take several test shots snapping photos as the biodegradable tissuefalls. View the photos and decide if is there too much confetti or do you need more.

The picture might be overpowered by falling confetti instead of displaying a beautifully colorful balance between the people, the background, and the confetti. Generally using larger pieces that fall more slowly and require a smaller quantity would work. Again, you might need multiple takes to gauge how much confetti to use, or consider doing a practice run before the actual photo shoot.

Ensure your guests know how to disperse the confetti

Once you’ve established the right time of day and the color choice of confetti for your pictures, you might need to show the folks who are dispersing the confetti how to shower it properly over the guests to maintain a festive scene.

For example, if your photo shoot takes place outside, and there’s a breeze blowing, you might instruct the guests to stand with their backs to the wind. This ensures the confetti will blow in the camera’s direction, which looks better, and not in the guests’ faces which would result in a lot of squinting and other quirky facial expressions. This probably will take many test shots to decide what direction the confetti should be dispersed in.

Also, you’ll need to instruct the guests who will be dispersing the confetti to surround the person or people who are the focus of the picture. They need to be positioned so that when they shoot, so it falls over the folks who are in the photo. Dispersing the confetti upwards as high as possible yet being sure it falls over the people who are the focus of the picture guarantees that it will flutter, fly and float down gracefully.

Find the perfect location for your confetti photo shoots

Just like timing and lighting make a difference, so does the location of a photo shoot. Hence, if your party planners have already secured the venue, then it’s a matter of choosing the most scenic, well-lit spot inside or outside. Either way, be sure to find an area with enough space for the guests to disperse the confetti straight upward and not at an angle as mentioned.

You also must consider the background scenery of your location as this will determine the color of the confetti that will be thrown. Make sure the background doesn’t have too many distractions that take away from the guests. If this aspect of the location becomes an issue, you might have to bring a large backdrop or take one confetti picture at a different location before arriving at the main venue.

Staging your confetti shoot

Likewise, there are several ways you can stage a shoot depending on the nature of the event. One of the easiest staging methods involves arranging the guests in a formation (like a line, circle, or semi-circle) and giving them confetti launchers, blowers, or flick sticks for a more uniform look.

Another idea helps you to avoid the issue with the lighting in the case of an indoor event. You turn off all the lights and turn on black lights that will illuminate the confetti and give your scene an ethereal glow. Using flick sticks that glow in the dark and are filled with glow-in-the-dark confetti makes an awesome photo!

Depending on the event decide if die-cut confetti would look better than rectangular-shaped confetti. Die-cut hearts, rose petals or butterfly confetti would look great in wedding photos.

Whether your guests use a confetti blower, a flick stick, or custom-shaped corkscrews having confetti in your pictures makes for awesome photos your guests will love having. Following these tips will ensure a successful shoot and beautiful photos. Most of all, your guests will appreciate how you’ve captured the memorable event.

If you want more ideas for your confetti photo shoot, contact Flutter FETTI. We have all types of confetti and our experts will be happy to help you with tips about colors, types and sizes, and launchers. From weddings to parties to parades, we have you covered with many decorative options.