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Happy Holidays from Flutter FETTI!

Posted by Genesis Samson on 12/22/14

What were the last 12 months like at Flutter FETTI?  Well let’s see… our confetti and streamers were seen flying, floating and fluttering at events around the world, from Chicago’s Little League World …

5 Fairytale Wedding Must-Haves

Posted by Genesis Samson on 12/16/14

From the moment you first heard the word “princess”, you’ve been dreaming of that fairytale wedding.  Now it’s finally here and you’re wondering if it’s possible to put your dreams into reality.  Well …

Have You Heard About The Concert #Confettibomb?

Posted by Genesis Samson on 10/22/14

There are countless examples of great partnerships out there:  Batman & Robin, Bonnie & Clyde, Ying & Yang.  Yet none has been as colorful, dramatic and awe-inspiring as this latest duo:  …

A Confetti Collage by Flutter FETTI

Posted by Genesis Samson on 10/07/14

Confetti is beautiful. FETTI is spectacular! Our confetti collage is a fun way to show you how our confetti and streamer products bring joy, excitement, and magic to every event in your life. It is sa …