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About Us

The Power of WOW!

We deliver joy, excitement, and amazement in a box!

At Flutter FETTI, we have one mission: to make your next event or party truly unforgettable with our unbeatable confetti, launching equipment, streamers, and more! Remember if it’s a celebration, Flutter FETTI it!

We’ve had the pleasure of working with the biggest names in entertainment and major league sports, but our confetti and streamers are perfect for any size event! Whether you’re an event planner planning a wedding, a nightclub looking to excite your crowd or a production manager on tour w/a major concert artist Flutter FETTI has the PERFECT "special effect" which we GUARANTEE will provide your audience with a MEMORABLE picture perfect moment!

How We Got Started

Flutter FETTI was born in the bygone days of 1993 when innovator Jim Watkins discovered that Busch Gardens was looking for a confetti vendor. Busch Gardens wanted special confetti that could fly high and flutter slowly for a volcano special effect. After cutting different tissue paper designs, Watkins settled on the first Flutter FETTI design - and won the bid!

From that day, a company was born. Jim worked tirelessly to create new and unique Confetti, Corkscrews and Streamer “special effects” that stayed in the air longer than traditional confetti. From then on he created our wide boutique of confetti and streamers visual effects. In 2002, Jim sold the company to our current CEO, Ronee Holmes who set up a manufacturing plant in New Orleans, Louisiana.

After being devastated and losing everything by Hurricane Katrina, Ronee moved to Florida, where she set up a new manufacturing and distribution center, she and her confettiologists haven’t stopped cutting up confetti ever since! They just can’t stop “cutting up"

What Makes Us Different?

Simply put, our signature Flutter FETTI is the best! Our products are specially designed with an aerodynamic rectangular shape, helping them to flutter, fly and float through the air up to ten times longer than traditional confetti. We specify the lightest raw material possible, which translates to the lightest confetti that flies, flutters and floats the longest in the industry. It also means you get more pieces per pound than the heavier confetti. So the look is greatly enhanced. No matter what event you’re creating, we’re sure your clients will love watching their clients be amazed as our Flutter FETTI products, create a truly memorable effect their guests won’t forget!

All of our tissue confetti is biodegradable and it’s coated in flame-proof material, and our PVC film is flame-proof also. Plus Flutter FETTI is static free, which means it sweeps or vacuums up easily for quick cleanup (no more picking up stubborn confetti pieces with your fingers).

Contact Flutter FETTI

Whether you have a packed arena full of excited fans or you’re planning a New Year’s Eve event or just simply celebrating that special time at home, our Flutter FETTI products are perfect for adding the “WOW!” effect to any event.

Our company is happy to work with ALL CLIENTS regardless of the size of your order. When you contact us, you’ll get excellent customer service every time, plus the right recommendation for our equipment and Flutter FETTI confetti or streamer products for your event.

If you’d like to order from us, feel free to contact our expert confettiologists any time. We will help you choose the right Flutter FETTI product for your event (we’ll even discuss color schemes)! You can also view our list of current distributors to find on our web site.

Are you looking to join the Flutter FETTI team? We’re always looking for domestic and international distributors. If you’d like to become a distributor of Flutter FETTI, you can get in touch with us by calling (877) 321-1999. We’d love to hear from you!




From Paraguay, Dario began manufacturing Flutter FETTI® confetti products and streamers in 1995. He is also a student of Master Confettiologist Jim Watkins. As production supervisor, Dario handles quality control in a fast, meticulous, caring way. His goal is to make sure every party confetti effect his customers use works perfectly. Dario is also responsible for training production technicians all over the world, including China, with his proven manufacturing technical process. We estimate that Dario has personally produced over 3,328,000,000 pieces of Flutter FETTI® (that's over three billion)!



Ronee Holmes, manager of the Flutter FETTI® Fun Factory, sees theater in everything she touches. That's why when she is asked to supply party confetti, events become the most memorable talk of the town.

Ronee has energized an arts council in Yazoo City, Mississippi, the New Orleans Symphony by starting the "Beethoven In Blue Jeans" series to sold out audiences, and theaters across Florida where she ran the Florida Theatrical Association, a not-for-profit organization bringing national touring Broadway shows to the state.

Her creativity in developing new concepts for existing ventures, in exploring new territories, and in owning her own business has brought Ronee to the greatest part of her life, the starring role in her own party confetti company the Flutter FETTI® Fun Factory. Here she does what she has always done: "I make who I'm working with or who I'm working for stand out and be memorable." 



This website is dedicated to Jim Watkins, the world's first true master confettiologist. Jim's passion, ingenuity, exciting style, and inventiveness are missed every day. He touched all of our lives in a fun and positive way. We happily continue his mission to "Flutter FETTI® the world."