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Co2 Launcher Products

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Flutter FETTI has the largest selection of Confetti launchers for rental or purchase.  We developed many styles to fit our clients needs. Besides the Hand Held Co2 launchers, Continuous Flow blowers and our Electric launchers featured here we also have "Airless Hand Flick Confetti and Streamer launchers”. 
The following is a brief overview of each of our launchers.  Please click on the ones you want more information about for rental or purchase.  Be sure to view the videos on each launcher page to see the full effect each one can provide at your event.  
Be sure to contact us to discuss with one of our confettiologists the BEST CO2 confetti machine launcher for you to use at your event.  Our toll free number is 877-321-1999 or you can request a quote on our web page  Be sure to answer all the Request a Quote questions so we’ll understand your events needs.  
We even offer if you rent one of our launchers and want to purchase it we’ll apply the purchase price to the rental price. Our launchers are guaranteed. If one breaks please contact us so you can send it back to us and we’ll either fix it or replace it.


Quarter Turn Launcher

Our Quarter turn Launcher has a 24” barrel with a 1” diameter.  It shoots Flutter FETTI or streamers 35’ to 40’ high into the air.  You can rent or purchase this launcher.

The Master Blaster launcher has a 40” barrel with a 1” diameter.   It shoots Flutter FETTI 40’ to 45’ into the air and tissue or metallic 2” X 40’ streamers over 100’ into the air.  You can rent or purchase this launcher.
The Mega Blaster Launcher has a 24” long barrel with a 2” diameter.  It shoot 2” X 10” sleeves of Flutter FETTI, both tissue and metallic Streamers, and our die cut hearts, rose petal, apple leaves, stars and 2” circles up to 35’ high with a diameter of 15’.
We recommend capping and taping these with a compression cap and tape around the top end of the launcher barrels in our “hand held Co2 launchers to help build compression inside of the barrel so the products will shoot off high into the air.
Our  three hand held Co2  Launchers use our U.S. Patented trigger unit to shoot the products further than any of our competitors hand held Co2 launchers.  Our newly patented trigger unit is designed to hold the Co2 so it won’t leak.  It’s also designed to warm up and expand the Co2 once you pierce it so it gains strength to provide a bigger shot.
Our Baby Gerb can shoot 1 lb per shot up to 50’ high into the air.  To fire it you can use our push button control unit or it’s compatible with your DMX system.  It uses electricity and liquid siphon Co2 to operate. This is a perfect compact launcher for a stunning look.
The 3” Gerb can blow 4lbs of Flutter FETTI products up to 75’ high per second.  It’s ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!  It’s like a wall of confetti products.  It comes in a road case which makes it very easy to position it in the right area for your shoot.  It uses liquid siphon Co2 to operate.
If you’re doing an outdoor event and want a lot of confetti in the air this is the launcher to use.  It comes in a road case for easy  mobility and can blow up to 6 lbs of Flutter FETTI up to 100’ high into the air per second!  If you’re using it outdoors be sure to test the way the wind is blowing so you position this launcher at the right angle to cover your event’s audience or stage.  It too uses liquid siphon Co2 to operate.
This is my “favorite” launcher!  It’s my favorite because every time I show it off everyone is totally surprised and they yell and scream in excitement when I pull open the lid!  To add to the surprise we recommend putting the confetti products, Corkscrews or die cut products inside of the Surprise box.  Turn on the Co2 and hook  the latch to the O ring located at the top of the lid. Then GIFT WRAP the Surprise box with Happy Birthday wrap, Wedding Wrap, Christmas paper or any Shiny colorful wrap to make the Surprise Box look like a present.  THEN when you open the lid on the Surprise box your guests will REALLY BE SURPRISED!!
The Red Blower has turned out to be a great seller because when you feed the Flutter FETTI product into the plastic tubing on top of the blower it blows the product up to 20’ high into the air using electricity and if you keep the electricity blowing up towards the product  it will keep the FETTI products flying in the air.  You can also feed the confetti as you hold the Red Blower angling the plastic tube in the direction you want the Flutter FETTI to fly in.  At trade shows we take off the plastic tubing and use the Red Blower as a clean up blower. It very powerfully will blow the confetti on the floor into a pile for you to easily vacuum or sweep it up into garage bags.  A versatile launcher that cleans up after itself.
We named the this launcher the X6-V3 because it can be angled in 6 different positions.  It uses electricity and a 16 gram Co2 cylinder to fire it off plus it’s compatible with your DMX system.  The launcher barrel is 40” long and it has a 1” diameter.  It can shoot our 2” X 40’ metallic streamers 120’ into the air.  It too uses our U.S. Patented Co2 piercing unit so the Co2 won’t leak.  This is an especially great feature since many productions  need to screw in the Co2 days before they are going to shoot it.  So hanging these in a truss can be done a day or two before show-day and it will still be ready to fire.  We’ve tested this launcher with Co2 10 days it still fired without any drop in pressure. This is truly a very impressive launcher that works every time.
If you’re looking for a “FIREWORKS” Confetti and Streamer display the 9 Barrel POD is the ticket!  The base has 9 - 42” long barrels which have a 1” diameter. These barrels can be positioned and locked  in a circular manner so you’ll be sure they are firing in the direction you need.  It uses 16 gram Co2 cylinders and electricity plus it’s compatible with your DMX system.  Of course it also has our U.S. Patented piecing unit on the bottom of each barrel.  The video you can see was shot  in the Louisiana SuperDome and the streamer products flew out up to 85’ high into the air.  It was amazing!
Best of All we offer 24/7 FREE technical assistance with any of our launchers plus there are videos and "instructions for use" on each of our launcher pages. Please click on any of our launchers to read more about them and the various Flutter FETTI products you can shoot out of them.