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School Events & Commencements

Suggested School Events & Commencements Products:

Are your commencement ceremonies a snooze-fest? 
Pep rallies ho hum? Homecoming just the same as Last Year?

Want to make exciting school celebrations including Homecoming, Proms, Pep Rallies and Gradation so much fun EVERYONE will want to attend?

Then Flutter FETTI® has the Special Effect you're looking for which will generate Excitement and Fun at all your school celebrations!

The Flutter FETTI team has designed many various products which schools throughout the country have been using to give students an Event to Remember!

You've probably seen Flutter FETTI products at many sporting events, TV commercials, at Macy's Thanksgiving Day parades, at concerts, theme parks the list goes on and on. Every event which wants to offer the participants an event to remember uses Flutter FETTI products to accomplish that!

Now your school can purchase Flutter FETTI products at our WHOLESALE price. Simply find the product you're interested in on line then CALL us to receive Wholesale pricing. Ignore the retail prices on line. Your school will receive a discounted WHOLESALE price.

Flutter FETTI offers great "handheld" Co2 launchers which your cheerleaders can shoot off during Pep Rallies to excite the crowd. Or for Homecoming night our Baby Gerb or 3" Gerb Continuous flow launchers can blow Flutter FETTI special effects over the dance floor showering the attendees with magic in the air.

When your grads receive their diplomas and everyone there wants to celebrate, our Flutter FETTI products will make the difference between ok and amazing! The Flutter FETTI team is here to help create excitement and that “Knock Your Socks Off Wow Factor” to make all your school's celebrations including your Commencement Ceremony legendary!

If graduations are for recognition and celebration then make them especially great! Do what the pro’s do---CELEBRATE WITH STYLE AND EXCITEMENT---Do it right with awesome Flutter FETTI products for graduations like confetti and streamers to really add an extra super bang to the experience. Imagine the feeling of pure joy as the FETTI® flutters around the graduates, family, and friends! We will even customize your graduation confetti and streamers in your school colors! The same goes for individual parties afterwards.

Every school is a little bit different, and we want to help celebrate the uniqueness of your school and graduation experience. That’s why when you order Confetti and or Streamer “Special Effects” for your graduation from us, our Confettiologists will ask you to give us the school’s colors so that we can create a custom package designed just for you. You can choose from awesome products like our Airless Launchers filled with Metallic Streamers in your school colors, which can fly up to 25’ high with just the “ flick of the wrist”.

 Or instead of having the graduates throw their hats into the air, use our 14” “Hand flick” Confetti stick launchers filled with Flutter FETTI in your school colors, to shower all the graduates with FETTI. The students and the audiences will be surprised and excited as the Flutter FETTI flies out of the tubes showering all the graduates with fun! Or use one of our powerful electric launchers like our X-6 Version 3 electric launchers which shoots 2” X 40’ metallic streamers up to 110’ into the air making a truly unforgettable impression. The streamers are so beautiful your students will want to pick them up as souvenirs of their graduation!

Why Flutter FETTI?

Don’t be fooled---Nowadays, a lot of companies are just trying to make a quick buck by offering cheap knock offs of Flutter FETTI products which literally fall flat. Or the tissue is so tight inside of the tubes it won't come out.  Here at Flutter FETTI, we have designed special products to use at graduations  that float for up to 10 times longer than average confetti, which means all those pictures you take will be even more memorable with festive Flutter FETTI confetti fluttering, flying, and making the day all the more special. Also, our tissue is  easy to clean up, biodegradable, and flame proof. Our metallic  confetti and streamers are even flame retardant but be sure not to use the streamers around outdoor electrical wires.

Make Your Celebration One to Remember Great!

No matter how big or small your ceremony is, we’re here to make it unique AND unforgettable. We guarantee incredible customer service and products for everyone, and we’re happy to answer any questions you might have over the phone at (877) 321-1999 or through our get a quote page. Are you responsible for your school’s graduation ceremony? Contact us for Wholesale Pricing on Affordable graduation Special Effects!

All prices are in US Dollars

Disclaimer: Note some tissue confetti products are colored with dye that may stain if they become damp or wet.  Please remove wet confetti immediately upon discharge.Our metallic confetti or steamers will not stain when wet.