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FETTI® Facts - Confetti 101

We believe that an informed customer can make the best decision concerning Flutter Fetti® and streamer effects for their event, whether it concerns a small gathering or a 100,000-seat stadium venue. There are more scientific calculations in the design of Flutter Fetti® and Streamer effects than you can imagine. There are many colors, styles, processes, and options available.

Although price is an important factor, having the "special effect" you desire that creates the reaction you want is of the utmost importance. Ease of use, how long the effect will last in the air, how it appears on the floor, and other points covered in the confetti questions and answers below should be taken into consideration when deciding on not only the special effect you want but which company can offer you all your event needs.

What is the difference between traditional confetti and Flutter Fetti®?

Traditional confetti is made from hole punch discards from paper companies, basically a byproduct. Flutter Fetti® is manufactured specifically to be a floating confetti effect. Due to its rectangular, aerodynamic shape, it virtually defies gravity as it floats, flutters, and flies slowly toward earth. When it lays on the floor, Flutter Fetti® creates a festive appeal and mood. Traditional confetti tends to look like refuse.

I've never used these products before. How do I know they will work?

Any product you buy should be made with "ease of use" in mind, meaning it was designed simply for a new user. Each effect you buy should come with instructions for use of that particular product. The Flutter Fetti® Fun Factory has a set of instructions that goes out with every product we sell.

Is the confetti "wrapped" and why is that important?

The termed "wrapped" describes the process in which each small bundle of Flutter Fetti® is wrapped in a light tissue. This wrapping holds the bundle together longer after it is ejected from the launching barrel or tube. Since the bundle stays together longer, the Flutter Fetti® achieves the highest height possible, which extends the Fetti®'s "hangtime," prolonging the effect. For outdoor stadium situations when Fetti® needs to be launched 100 feet into the air, we double wrap it. Wrapping is part of Flutter Fetti®'s U.S. patented production process. Although wrapping Fetti® during the production process takes more labor and effort, at Flutter Fetti®, we believe there is only one way to produce an effect: the BEST it can possibly be.

Does Flutter FETTI have Brochures that I can download or print to show others?

Yes, Click Here to see all available documents.

Why is it important to use a US patented Effect?

U.S. Patent on any type of product is not an easy thing to do. The product must be invented, be new, unique and have systematic exact specifications. The process for producing Flutter Fetti®'s streamers, corkscrews, breakaways, streamers, bubbles, and other products is uniform, scientific, and precise. The weight of tissue, the wrapping, the number of tissues to a bundle, and the exact shape of the tissue (for extreme hang-time) are all crucial to our products' ability to provide the best effect possible.

At Flutter Fetti® we are proud of the imagination, ingenuity, effort, and expense that went into our products US patents.

  • Flutter Fetti® (#5,403,225, #5,342,148, #5,352,148, #5,709,584, #5,640,840)
  • Flutter Fetti® Confetti Sticks (#5,556,319, #5,352,148)
  • Corkscrews® (#5,507,680)
  • Breakaways & Fetti Strips (#5,807,159)
  • Streamers with Fetti® (#5, 620,354)
  • Streamers with Bubbles (#5,354,227)
  • Diamond Shaped Streamers (#5,714,210)
  • Airless Launching System (6,692,335 B2)
  • Finger Slingers (US Patent Pending)
  • FireCracklers (6,776,684 B1)

There are many imitators and knock offs, BUT they don't stand up in product design, which affects ease of use, dependability, quality of display, and hang-time.

What is the difference between Airless Launching System and Co2 Launching Systems?

Simply put, the Airless Launching Systems (only available from Flutter Fetti®) do not use compressed air to launch the Fetti&reg. Airless Launching Systems are human powered with a simple flick of the wrist. Depending on the length of the tube, the Airless System can launch Fetti® up to 25' - 35' high and have two shots per tube. The benefits of the Airless System is that it is inexpensive, disposable, and considered safe for novices. The tubes come preloaded and absolutely anybody with a wrist can have loads of fun while using them. Co2 Launching Systems are made for the more professional show presentation. They shoot Flutter Fetti® with compressed air from Co2 cylinders (like those used in BB guns). Co2 Launchers come in various sizes and powers depending on the height needed to launch Fetti&reg.

What is a "speed-load tube" and why would I want my products in one?

When using launchers during an event or presentation, how quickly the launcher can be reloaded and used is key to rapid-fire success. Many of our competitors will sell products for launchers in a plastic bag. Loading a launcher from a plastic bag can be difficult, wasteful, time consuming, and aggravating. Although it's a cheaper way to do it, we don't believe in plastic bag loading. At Flutter Fetti® EVERYTHING that we sell for launchers comes in a speed-load tube. Speed-load tubes are clear plastic tubes that the product can slide quickly from and into the launcher barrel to make Fetti® ready for the next shot in the shortest amount of time.

Are late minute orders a problem when ordering our products?

The event planning business is one in which late orders are typical and can present challenges. It would be nice if all orders were placed two weeks out, but that is unrealistic in our business. Often, our competitors take this opportunity to charge extra for late or "rush" orders. Late orders offer the Flutter Fetti® Fun Factory the opportunity to really shine. Not only do we relish the challenge and opportunity to have your order produced and delivered on time, we don't charge extra for it. If it means we stay late at our factory to get you your order, so be it. When we keep you happy, you'll be back.

Is shipping a revenue source for the Company?

Often, the shipping charges you pay at other companies is more than the actual shipping charge they pay. At the Fun Factory, "We want to Flutter Fetti® the world!", so we don't try to make extra on your shipping charges. What we pay to ship the product to you is what you pay and not a penny more.

Is on-time delivery Guaranteed?

Guaranteeing on-time delivery sound good, but what does it really mean? To other companies, it means they'll do their best to get you their product on time. To us at Flutter Fetti®, it means IF YOUR ORDER DOESN'T GET TO YOU IN TIME, WE'LL TAKE IT BACK. Other than weather related delays, we guarantee delivery. We cannot be held accountable for Mother Nature. We have a great working relationship and a great discount with Federal Express. We have the utmost confidence we will get you your order in time.

Are all Fetti® products Flame retardant?

Not all products on the market today are flame retardant...UNLESS you buy them from The Flutter Fetti® Fun Factory. At our own expense, ALL our tissue and metallic film are dipped in a flame-retardant bath before processing. This insures that they will not ignite, keeping you and your event safe.

Are there different color options available?

Our products come in various colors. Our multicolor tissue colors are red, white, blue, green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, black and hot pink. Our metallic film colors are red, blue, green, silver, gold, magenta, orange, and black. We also have neon colors which "glow in the dark".

One thing to keep in mind, concerning color, is the quality of the color your product is made from. After the effect is launched and it lands on the floor, it is important that the colors of the Fetti® are vibrant and solid. Having a washed out see-through color on the floor weakens the effect. At Flutter Fetti®, we constantly compare paper tissue from all over the world to insure we have the best most vibrant colors available in the air and on the ground.

What about clean up, is it difficult?

When people think of traditional confetti, they think "what a mess." They are right. But with Flutter Fetti® and streamers, clean up is a simple job. Flutter Fetti® sweeps up very easily. It can also be blown with a leaf blower into a corner then simply swept like tree leaves into a bag. Additionally, Flutter Fetti® and streamers don't get ground into carpeting, creating an everlasting problem.