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"Hand Flick" Confetti Cannon

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Confetti Flick Sticks & More

If you want to add an element of excitement to your next celebration, our confetti flick sticks are the PERFECT way for you to get the party started! With just a simple flick of the wrist, our handheld confetti Cannon shoot confetti high in the sky, creating a mesmerizing effect that your guests won’t soon forget!

Countless Color Combinations

Whether you’re planning a wedding, a Bar Mitzvah, a graduation party, or a corporate event, you’ll have no trouble finding Flutter FETTI confetti flick sticks and tubes that coordinate with your color scheme. Not only do we carry a wide variety of in-house color combinations, but we also offer custom color confetti flick sticks that you can use to create your perfect combination.

Confetti, Streamers, Bubbles & More!

Our Flutter FETTI confetti flick sticks and tubes are packed to the brim with many different kinds of confetti, including rectangular tissue confetti, metallic streamers, corkscrew confetti sticks, Metallic Streamers with tissue bubbles, Metallic Streamers with FETTI and 6” FETTI Strips. Each confetti design is unique in how it floats and flutters, and some of our confetti tubes include two different types of confetti in one! Our tissue FETTI is biodegradable and flame-retardant and our Metallic streamers are ideal for a fast clean-up. Since our Metallic Streamers conduct electricity please don’t use them outside where there are telephone wires.

It’s All in the Details

Our hand flick confetti launcher requires no Co2 and is pre-loaded with confetti/streamers at both ends, giving you two shots per tube. Some of our confetti flick sticks are designed to shoot FETTI 25-30 feet in the air, while others are only designed to reach 9-10 feet. Our Confettiologists can help Double-check your selection to make sure it’s ideal for your venue.

Flutter FETTI has designed  “hand flick” easy to use confetti Cannon in various sizes because venues where special event occur have various ceiling heights, dance floor sizes and room sizes so one Airless confetti launcher doesn’t fit every event’s needs.

Our “hand flick” Cannon come in 6”, 9”, 14” and 18” lengths because each launcher offers the user the exact right amount of confetti to fly out of the tube exploding in the air with fun and excitement.  The confetti won’t hit the ceiling in packs which will not allow the confetti to shower the attendees with Flutter FETTI confetti.  That’s why it’s critical if you want to purchase one of our Flutter FETTI confetti in “hand flick” tubes you need to know the ceiling height of your venue.

The following is the estimated ceiling height the Flutter FETTI Confetti will fly in each of our “hand flick” confetti Cannon.  So be sure to purchase the exact “hand flick” confetti launcher for your venue.

6” Hand Flick Launcher – 9’-10’ Ceiling height

9” Hand Flick Launcher – 10’ to 12’ Ceiling height 

14” Hand Flick Launcher – 12’ to 15’ Ceiling height 

18” Hand Flick Launcher – 15’ to 18’ Ceiling height 

To operate our “Hand Flick tubes” hold either end of the tube (except with the Flutter Flicker. Hold the closed end of the Flicker tube) then hold your arm straight up into the air. Then with the simple “flick of your wrist” flick the tube stopping at 12:00 high.  Keep flicking until all the Flutter FETTI Confetti is out of the tube.  The Flutter FETTI will flutter, fly and float and slowly float out of the tube creating Magic and Fun in the Air!

If you're shooting one of our 18” flick sticks for sale, be sure to turn the tube over and Flick again since there are 2 shots per tube in our 18” Airless Cannon. 

If you have any questions about our great products, or if you’re interested in our wholesale pricing, contact us today!

 WARNING: Do not point, flick, or fling toward anyone when using

Some Flutter FETTI products when saturated with any liquid and under pressure may bleed color, and Flutter FETTI® cannot guarantee or warranty that it will not do so. If any liquid will or may be present at an event, please consult with us so we can assist you in choosing water-safe FETTI® products.

Remember if your shipping box doesn’t have the Flutter FETTI Official Product Seal on the outside of the box it’s NOT an Authentic Certified Flutter FETTI  product!

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