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Grand Opening

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Grand openings are supposed to be grand, but in reality they are often dull. It's hard for people to get too excited about watching someone in a suit cutting a red ribbon. Give them something to look at and cheer for. Give them Flutter FETTI® biodegradable paper confetti! Punctuate the importance of your groundbreaking ceremony with showers of grand opening confetti decorations dancing about the air. Our confetti flutters, flies and floats and hovers about for such a long time, they're almost like butterflies, and we have an array of products that create different dazzling effects. In addition to the excitement it creates, Flutter FETTI® grand opening decorations will create a camera-worthy photo opportunity that will get the members of the media engaged in your story. TV stations and newspapers want visuals, and the film clips or photos of your event awash in flurries of biodegradable paper confetti will give media outlets a great reason to highlight your event.

If you're a retail owner, Flutter FETTI® has plenty of decorations to help you celebrate the grand opening of your supermarket, store, or shopping mall. At the main entrance on opening day, use one of our launchers that sends a continuous flow of biodegradable paper confetti floating into the air to create a shimmering, weightless wall. When your new customers walk through it, they'll enter your store for the first time with broad smiles on their faces. Create huge buzz when customers later tell their friends about their experience. You might also want to hand out our confetti tubes with or without PomPoms wrapped in your logo to your customers as promotional gifts.

Flutter FETTI grand opening decorations are a 100% surefire way to mark the beginning of a prosperous new venture.

Suggested Products for Grand Opening: