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I’m Ronee Holmes owner of Flutter FETTI. I’m so glad you found our new web site. I wanted to explain to you why you’ve chosen the BEST SITE FOR CONFETTI AND STREAMER “SPECIAL EFFECTS!”

In June of 2002, I purchased Flutter FETTI from Jim Watkins who invented all the confetti and streamer products you’ll find on this site. We called Jim the “Master Confettiologist” because he was constantly inventing more and greater products which anyone can use to Celebrate their "In Home" or "Big Events".

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Sadly, for the confetti industry Jim passed away in October of the same year. His dream was to Flutter FETTI the World so I’m carrying out his dream. We’ve proudly sold Flutter FETTI products in 65 countries and Every State of the Union!

Do you know why? Because all our products are HAND MADE right in our factory in the USA. Unlike my competitors who “knock off” our Flutter FETTI products which are made in foreign countries our Flutter FETTI products work the First Time EVERY TIME

I can brag about all the BIG NAMES that use our products, but suffice it to say when you see Flutter FETTI at concerts, TV commercials, Sporting Events, parades (like the upcoming Macy’s parade) you can bet they are Flutter FETTI custom made products.

We use the most vibrant tissue paper which is flame retardant and biodegradable and our PVC film is the thinnest film available which means you get more pieces in a pound. Plus our film is flame retardant too so if it falls on a candle at your event no worries, it won’t burn. Our metallic Flutter FETTI and Metallic Streamers hang in the air longer than our competitors because they are are made out of the thinnest PVC film making them so light weight.

Jim invented our "Airless Launchers" which are “Hand Flick" products which are REVOLUTIONARY in the industry. They don’t require Co2 which is amazing because our Airless tubes filled with Metallic Streamers can fly 30’ to 35’ into the air with the flick of your wrist. We either have a U.S. Patent on our Airless products or a US Patent Pending for these products.

We even now have a U.S. Patent pending on a 14” tube with a NEON “glow in the dark" wrap around the tube which means the tubes glow as well as the "glow in the dark" tissue Flutter FETTI inside of the tube. So both the Tube and the Flutter FETTI Confetti "glow in the dark" under black light. Really a COOL product for Black Light events!

Our hand flick products are the ones that are knocked off, but luckily for me those knock offs don’t have our "Confidential Manufacturing Specifications" so they generally don’t work. So please beware of where the products are made when you purchase them. After all, your event happens only 1 time and you have to be sure the confetti and or streamer products will work properly at your event otherwise you’ll be very unhappy.

Our Co2 launchers use our Patented #US 10,222,169 B2 piercing unit. You probably don’t know why that’s important, but I guarantee there is a BIG DIFFERENCE in our piercing unit than others in the industry. Many other Co2 launchers use a pull ring to pierce the Co2 cylinder. Pull ring piercing units are VERY OLD technology. The products inside of the launcher barrel generally don’t fly very high. What makes our piecing unit better is once you screw in the Co2 cylinders into the unit the Co2 expands becoming stronger and more powerful so when you shoot the launcher off our products fly higher and hang longer in the air. Plus, believe it or not because of the piercing unit's unique design we’ve had our Co2 hold in the piercing unit for over 3 weeks and the launcher still works! Our Co2 piecing units are absolutely amazing!

We have many styles of launchers all made in the USA. Besides our "Airless Launchers" we have 3 styles of our "Hand Held" Co2 launchers, we have 3 styles of our "Continuous Flow Launchers", and our "X-6Version 3 Electric Launcher" which can shoot our 2” X 40’ Metallic streamers up to 120’ into the air. My favorite launcher is our our "Surprise Box” (check it out on our web site). It’s filled inside of the box with our Flutter FETTI products so when you open the lid SURPRISE, all the products fly up to 40’ high into the air amazing all your guests! We also carry a 9- Barrel POD which can "Simulate Fireworks" and our NEWEST LAUNCHER is our "Table Top" Launchers, which can shoot off individually with a push button control unit or simultaneously using a wireless Transmitter. Perfect to use to hide in an arrangement to surprise your guests when they shoot off into the air.

Besides the BEST and WIDEST VARIETY of Confetti and Streamer products in the Industry we pride ourselves on having the BEST Customer Service! You’ll find out why that is important once you order products from us. We want your order to arrive on Time when you need them for your event!

We have many instructional videos on YouTube showing you exactly how to use our products plus we have FREE tech services 24/7 to answer any questions you might have.

Hopefully you can see from the above comments why I’m glad you found our site when searching for Confetti and or streamer products. We are the CONFETTI EXPERTS!

My TEAM of Flutter FETTI Confettiologists can help recommend any products you might be interested in renting or purchasing for your event. Eccept for a few custom colored products we have NO minimum order. We want to you order exactly what you need for your event!

So please have fun browsing through our new web site! And REMEMBER "If it’s a CELEBRATION FLUTTER FETTI IT!”

Confettingly Yours,
The FETTI Lady

P.S. Be sure to read the reviews at the bottom of this Home Page and on Every Page you might see them. Also, check out our Facebook Page. You can see lots of great comments from our clients which is the BEST advertisement for our Products! And please send us Photos and or Videos of your events using our products! We’d love to show off your events!

Our Services

We pride ourselves in manufacturing products that work the first time EVERY TIME! All our products are “custom made” to fit exactly our client’s needs. Our Customer Service is outstanding. Our Launchers are GUARANTEED FOR LIFE! No client is too big or to small for we manufacture products for any size event! We GUARANTEE our products will provide your audience with MEMORABLE MOMENTS! Call one of our Confettiologist today to get a recommendation on which of our products will “WOW!” your audience at your next event!

Our Special Clients

Incredible Numbers


Billion Pieces Sold

Our production manager, Dario Ferreria worked for our Master Confettiologist, Jim Watkins who started Flutter FETTI® in 1995.

Dario's been cutting Flutter FETTI for over 25 years! Keep in mind 1 pound of tissue Flutter FETTI®  has approximately 19,500 pieces!

Dario has easily cut over 52,000 lbs of Flutter FETTI in 25 years! Some concert tours alone purchase over 5,000 pounds per tour.  So Dario plus our other cutters who cut our tissue products have literally cut billions and billions of pieces of Flutter FETTI. WHY? Because Flutter FETTI adds FUN and EXCITEMENT to every event!


Clients Served

We're proud to announce that we have shipped Flutter FETTI® products to clients in EVERY State of the Union! We have 20,000 plus clients in our database and daily we receive requests for quotes and new clients who have heard about or seen our products.

Our client base increases almost daily since more and more folks either see our products at weddings, concert tours, political rallies, fairs and festivals and soon we'll have "Celebration of Life" retail products in over 45,000 retail stores!


Countries Worldwide

We ship Flutter FETTI® products WORLDWIDE and we proudly announce that now we've shipped to clients in 65 countries. The Internet helped made that happen. Clients find us on the Internet and they request quotes to ship our wide variety of products to them for their events.

Many stores worldwide also want to carry our products in their stores since their clients are asking for Flutter FETTI products.

If you live in a foreign country and want to receive Flutter FETTI products please email us your confetti and streamer needs and we'll send you a quote including a "discounted" FEDEX international shipping price.

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