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Handheld Co2 Confetti Launchers

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Handheld Co2 Launchers

Come with U.S. Patented Trigger Units. 

There are MANY hand held Co2 launchers in the marketplace. BUT there aren’t ANY that are as reliable or shoot as far as our 3 hand held Co2 launchers.
When we designed our hand held Co2 launchers we kept many things in mind that our clients suggested.For example, we knew we needed a hand held launcher to shoot our die cut products. Our die cut products come in 2” X 10” sleeves which make it easy to cut the poly bag and slide the products into the launcher barrel. Consequently, we designed the MEGA BLASTER which has a 2” diameter barrel and it shoots beautifully.
We were told that we needed a hand held Co2 launcher that could shoot stadium streamers 85’ and more. So we designed our MASTER BLASTER Co2 launcher. This launcher barrel can hold up to 15 -  2” X 40’ tissue or metallic streamers to shoot them high into the air. It also shoots our double wrapped Flutter FETTI 40’ into the air which is very high in the industry.
Finally we listened when our clients told us that they needed a hand held Co2 launcher that could shoot 25’-30’ high into the air with a smaller launcher barrel.  So we designed our quarter turn launcher. The quarter turn has a compact 24” barrel but don’t let the size fool you, this tiny baby packs a serious punch.
What makes all of our hand held Co2 launchers unique is we recommend capping and taping the cap onto the launcher barrel to help build compression so the products will fly high into the air. Also, we just received a U.S. Patent on our trigger unit for our 3 hand held Co2 launchers.  
The Quarter Turn Launcher has a 6” aluminum reservoir which houses the piercing unit all in one solid piece so no Co2 can leak or escape. The Master Blaster and the Mega Blaster have 8’ aluminum reservoir which house the piercing units on the trigger unit.  The same trigger unit can be used on both the Mega Blaster launcher and the Master Blaster Launcher.  So it’s convenient to purchase 1 trigger unit and 2 barrels (one is 1” in diameter and the other is 2” in diameter). This sets this launcher as one of the most versatile on the market. This all work first time, every time.
Once the Co2 is released into the reservoir where it warms up and expands. The valve itself is a 3/4” in diameter which allows the Co2 to move into the barrel much faster and allows for a bigger shot making the trigger unit far more powerful than our competitors because the warmed Co2 shoots out a further distance than the old fashion pull ring hand held Co2 launchers.
We rent our launchers (you need to call us for a price because the rental cost depends on the products we put into the launcher barrels) or we sell them.  If you rent one of our hand held Co2 launchers then decide to purchase it we’ll apply the rental price to the purchase price.
When you need a hand held Co2 launcher that WORKS EVERY TIME, guaranteed. Contact Flutter FETTI the confetti experts WORLDWIDE!
Reservoir unit is protected by U.S. Patent #10,222,169 B2
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