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The Ultimate Guide to Confetti Cannons For Special Effects


What Are Confetti Cannons?

Imagine the enchantment of a celebration where bursts of vibrant colors fill the air, spreading joy and excitement among the crowd. That's the magic confetti cannons create! These incredible devices, whether held in your hand or mounted strategically, unleash a breathtaking explosion of confetti and special effects. From intimate gatherings to grand-scale parties, these confetti cannons are designed to create unforgettable moments for every party. Birthdays, weddings, New Year's Eve bashes, or even concerts - confetti cannons are now part of every event!

How Do Co2 Cannons Work?

Behind the dazzling display of confetti cannons lies a clever mechanism that brings the magic to life. These fascinating devices are ingeniously designed to create an explosive release of confetti or special effects with precision and flair. Flutter FETTI has designed a unique Piercing unit which uses Co2 to propel the confetti or steamer products high into the air. This piercing unit is so unique it has a U.S. Patent on it’s Patent #10,222,169 . The reason Flutter FETTI received a U.S. Patent number of their piercing unit is it won’t leak. Our competitors still us very old technology to release the gas on their Co2 cannons. Their old technology is either by twisting a knob, pulling a rope, or pulling a pull ring to release the gas. These old fashioned methods work sometimes and don’t other times disappointing the client who is using their Co2 cannons at their event.

The sudden burst of Co2 pressure propels the confetti or streamers (which are carefully packed inside the cannon), into the air with tremendous force. These create a magical effect of colors and excitement at the party.

Types of Confetti Cannons

When it comes to confetti cannons, there is a diverse array of options available to suit every event's unique needs and atmosphere. From hand flick or Co2 cannons for intimate gatherings to large-scale continuous flow cannons for expansive venues, each type brings its own charm and spectacle. Let's explore the various types of party confetti cannons that will elevate your celebrations to new heights.

Hand Flick Confetti Cannons

Among the various types of confetti cannons, hand flick cannons are lots of fun since the attendees make the special effect at the party. They are simple to use, cost effect and offer a BIG EFFECT. They come in various sizes for every size ceiling height at the venue plus the confetti or streamers inside of them can be custom colored to match the events décor. Flutter FETTI invented the Hand Flick confetti and streamer Cannons. Many companies in foreign countries try to copy their hand flick invention, but they don’t understand how to make them since most don’t work. The confetti is either too lose or too tight in the tube.

Co2 Confetti Cannons

Among the various types of party confetti cannons, handheld Co2 cannons offer versatile and interactive experience. These compact cannons are designed for portability and convenience, making them ideal for outdoor use. The use of a burst of compressed Co2 propels a cascade of vibrant confetti or streamers into the air, enveloping the surroundings in a whimsical display of color and excitement. As discussed above Flutter FETTI’s unique U.S. Patented piecing unit is attached to all their Co2 confetti cannons making them the best in the industry. Find out more details about handheld CO2 cannons.

Electric Remote Confetti Cannons

Remote confetti cannons are the perfect choice for those seeking a hands-free approach to creating stunning confetti effects. These innovative cannons offer convenience and control, allowing operators to unleash a mesmerizing burst of confetti or streamers at the touch of a button or using a wireless transmitter. With a wireless remote in hand, event organizers can strategically position the cannons throughout the venue and activate them precisely when desired, ensuring synchronized and impactful confetti showers. Not all remote confetti cannons are the same. Some are more powerful than others allowing the products inside of them to fly further into the air with a dazzling special effect. For this reason, remote confetti cannons have become favorites among concert crews, high-profile DJs, film crews, and event planners.

Continuous-Flow Confetti Blowers

When you want to create the most mesmerizing and immersive confetti experience that lasts,continuous-flow confetti cannons take center stage. These powerful cannons are designed to generate a constant stream of confetti, ensuring a sustained and dynamic display of color and movement. By utilizing liquid siphon Co2 gas, these cannons can propel confetti up to 75’- 100’ or higher into the air in a continuous flow, creating a captivating atmosphere that engulfs the entire venue. As you can tell, these devices work best in larger venues or outdoor areas, which is why they are favorites for stadium events, concerts, and graduations.

There are also smaller continuous flow confetti cannons in the marketplace. Some only use a fan to disperse the confetti. That unit is not recommended for professional use since the confetti doesn’t fly very high into the air.

Flutter FETTI’s Baby Gerb is the best in the industry because of the power behind uses to operate it. It can blow 1lb of confetti (approximately 19,500 pieces of confetti) up to 50’ high into the air making an explosion of fun. You can also adjust the horn on the blower so it can be used in lower ceiling venues.

Another Continuous Flow Cannon is the Surprise Box. This is a self-contained confetti cannon offers a Surprise Effect! You simply insert the confetti products and a 5lb liquid siphon Co2 tank into the box, lock the lid on the box then quickly opening it SURPRISING ALL YOUR GUESTS as the confetti products fly up to 40’ high into the air out of the box. An amazing WOW Special Effect!

Types of Confetti and Streamers

The world of confetti and streamers is vibrant and diverse, where you can find multiple options to create the perfect visual effect for any celebration. From traditional tissue or metallic confetti to tissue or metallic streamers, the choices seem endless. Both tissue and metallic confetti is available in various shapes and sizes, provides a classic and colorful option that floats gracefully through the air.

Metallic confetti adds a touch of sparkle and glamour, reflecting light and creating a dazzling spectacle. Biodegradable tissue confetti offers an eco-friendly alternative, ensuring the celebration is joyous and environmentally conscious. On the other hand, streamers provide long, flowing ribbons that cascade down in a mesmerizing manner, adding a dynamic element to the visual display. Flutter FETTI can provide tissue or metallic streamers any length you need them to fly into the air especially using their X6 Version 3 Electric Launcher. Their 2” X 40” metallic streamers can fly 110’ high into the air using their X6V3 electric cannon.

They also manufacture the Revolutionary “Hand Flick’ streamer cannons which can fly 35’ into the air with the simple Flick of the Wrist. Their hand flick “custom colored” streamer cannons come with 5 different styles of streamers providing options for creativity at your event.

Special Effects

Integrating confetti or streamer cannons into the realm of special effects opens up a world of endless possibilities. These extraordinary devices not only shower events with confetti or streamers, but also have the power to unleash a range of mesmerizing and enchanting special effects. Let’s explore the captivating special effects devices that can transform any usual gathering into an unforgettable spectacle of celebration and wonder.

Fog Machines

Fog machines are a staple special effect in the realm of event production. These machines work by heating a special fog fluid or dry ice to create a dense, atmospheric fog that adds an element of mystery and drama to any occasion. As beams of light cut through the fog, it creates mesmerizing visual effects making the atmosphere ethereal and transporting attendees into a world of enchantment and imagination. Fog machines are instrumental in creating a captivating and immersive environment, making every moment an unforgettable experience.

Laser Shows

Laser shows are extraordinary special effect that brings a dynamic and futuristic touch to any event. These intense light beams produce dynamic patterns, shapes, and colors, transforming the venue into a captivating visual spectacle. Laser shows can also be synchronized with music, creating a harmonious fusion of sound and light that immerses the audience in a multi-sensory experience. From intricate designs gracefully dancing across the room or powerful beams cutting through the darkness along with metallic confetti, laser shows amplify the energy and excitement of concerts, nightclubs, planetariums, and other large-scale events.

Confetti cannons have the incredible ability to turn ordinary gatherings into extravagant events filled with memorable experiences. Bursts of confetti and cascading streamers, combined with a fog-filled atmosphere and mesmerizing laser shows, create wonderful moments of joy. The confetti and streamers add a touch of enchantment to any celebration, enveloping participants in a whirlwind of vibrant colors, dynamic movement, and pure delight.

To buy or rent confetti cannons anywhere in the USA, visit Flutter FETTI. Check out our collection of customized confetti cannons to make gender reveals, corporate events, school graduations, theme parks, nightclubs or wedding events more memorable and awesome!