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Top 5 Coolest Confetti Machines

Posted by Genesis Samson on 04/24/14

BOOM!  With just a single burst of confetti, you can change the momentum of an event and turn an ordinary night into an extraordinary occasion!  There are lots of ways to make an impact with confetti …

5 Easy Last-Minute Wedding Ideas That Guests Love

Posted by Genesis Samson on 03/04/14

You’ve got all the big stuff nailed down:  venue, dress, menu, transport, and invitations.  There’s a month left before the wedding and you can’t stop thinking about it.  You want perfection and you w …

Tardy for Mardi? 5 Last-Minute Mardi Gras Party Tips!

Posted by Genesis Samson on 02/11/14

You’re still recovering from New Years Eve, Super Bowl Sunday and Valentine’s Day when the annual Mardi Gras celebration comes up quicker than expected.   As a Mardi Gras party host, this means the pr …

How to Celebrate Chinese New Year with Children

Posted by Genesis Samson on 01/02/14

For most of us, the only New Year celebration occurs on January 1 and is awash with with fireworks, ball drops, champagne and revelry.  However, it’s not the only New Year celebration and not the most …