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New Year’s Eve Pointers Nightclub Owners Need to Know for 2017

Posted by Genesis Samson on 11/08/16

hakkasanAs a club owner or promoter, every night needs to be a legendary night out for the club crowd. New Year’s Eve is not only the pinnacle of parties, but one of the most lucrative dates for nightclub and bar owners. The Flutter FETTI Team is here to make sure your countdown to 2017 is unforgettable!

Read on for tips and ideas to keep the energy high, the dance floor crowded, and your entrance line long.

VIP Bottle Service

When a customer upgrades from your required bottle service to “high roller” status, it’s the perfect opportunity to give the crowd an awesome show. Bring out that magnum of top shelf vodka in style. As the server presents the bottle, use our 14” Confetti Sticks to create a cascading FETTI frenzy! Owners love using all white confetti to create an upscale vibe without any worries of product getting caught in audio or lighting equipment.

Nightclub NYE BlogDance Floor

The music is pumping and your dance floor is packed with New Year’s Eve revelers. Take advantage of your dance floor’s central location and make it the place to be as the countdown is happening. When midnight arrives and the ball drops, let the confetti fly! Your customers will love this special effect and it’s easy with our Hand Held Quarter Turn Confetti Launcher. Provide the ultimate party atmosphere that your customers remember long after the night is over.

Create Some Noise

Everyone wants to attend the best party. It’s essential to create a buzz about your New Year’s Eve party package through social media, print, and word of mouth. Epic party favors are a great add on to your NYE promotion. Check out our 9″ Happy New Year Swisher Streamers, offering 3-in-1 fun. Your New Year’s Eve crowd can send the silver and gold metallic streamers soaring with the flick of a wrist, shake the attached pom poms to the beat of the music, and blow the noisemaker as the new year begins.

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