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The Art of Confetti and Streamer Design: Creating Eye-Catching Visuals


Confetti and streamers are indispensable elements for any special occasion, transcending the notion of mere paper fragments strewn across a venue. They possess a magical quality that can metamorphose spaces and events into breathtaking spectacles.

As a leading global provider of special effects, Flutter FETTI® is eager to unveil the secrets behind the enchanting allure of confetti and streamers.

Decoding Confetti Design:

Confetti, those tiny, celebratory pieces crafted from tissue paper, or PVC metallic film represent a modern rendition of an age-old tradition. In historical celebrations like parades and weddings, people used to toss grains and sweets. Today, confetti comes in a myriad of colors, shapes, and sizes, with various methods of creation.

The most prevalent type of confetti used to involve shredding paper using scissors or paper shredders, akin to the iconic ticker-tape parades. Alternatively, smaller pieces known as 'chads' could be produced using hole punches or ticket punches. But now for a touch of uniqueness, there are specialty shaped confetti selections like Flutter FETTI’s handmade rectangular shape which flutters, flies and slowwwly floats downward hanging in the air for a long time creating a spectacular special effect.

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Crafting Streamers:

Streamers, those graceful ribbons of color that gracefully dance through the air during celebrations, are created by cutting strips of tissue paper or metallic film then shooting them out using hand flick confetti cannons or Co2 powered cannons . Designing streamers demands meticulous attention to detail, considering factors such as length, width, and material, which impact their flow and descent. Depending on the creation method, streamers may cascade slowly and gracefully or in a swift, more jubilant manner.

Similar to confetti, experimenting with colors is key when designing streamers. Whether opting for a single unified color or mixing several hues, the possibilities are endless.

In the realm of confetti and streamers, Flutter FETTI® stands as a beacon of creativity and innovation, offering a diverse range that elevates any occasion to extraordinary heights. Embrace the creativity behind these festive elements and make your events truly unforgettable especially using our hand flick cannon's, our Co2 cannons or our X6 Version 3 electric cannon to disperse the streamers into the air.

The Excitement Behind Confetti and Streamer Design: Crafting Captivating Visuals

Confetti and streamers are indispensable elements for any special occasion, transcending the notion of mere paper fragments strewn across a venue. They possess a magical quality that can metamorphose spaces and events into breathtaking spectacles.

As a leading global provider of special effects, Flutter FETTI® is eager to unveil the secrets behind the enchanting allure of confetti and streamers.

How are confetti and streamers used in special effects?

The use of confetti and streamers extends far beyond simple hand-tossed celebrations.

Here are many unique ways Flutter FETTI® maximizes its potential:


The Flutter FETTI team doesn't recommend you ever grab a handful of confetti or die cut tissue or metallic products out of a bag.

The reason is your hand will smash the products and you'll have a dismal effect in the air.

Instead we have many cannons which will launch confetti or streamers offering a beautiful elegant special effect.

For example;


Flutter FETTI® invented the hand flick cannons. We use proprietary specifications to manufacture each cannon so they work the first time EVERYTIME!

Because events are held in many different venues Flutter FETTI manufacturer's confetti hand flick cannons in various tube lengths. If your ceiling is low then the 6" cannon is perfect. If your ceiling is 10'- 12' then the 9" cannon would work. If your ceiling is 15' to 18' then choose the 14" cannon and finally if your ceiling is high use the 18" hand flick cannon to disperse confetti.

Flutter FETTI also offers the REVOLUTIONARY airless (meaning no Co2 required) to disperse streamers into the air. Generally it takes Co2 to shoot streamers into the air but Jim Watkins, our Master Confettiologist invented 9" and 18" cannons which can shoot streamers into the air with the flick of your wrist. Truly unbelievable affordable special effects.


Once again because the venue's ceiling varies Flutter FETTI offers 3 types of hand held cannons. The Quarter Turn Cannon, The Mega Blaster Cannon (which has a 2" barrel perfect to shoot die cut images out of it) and the Master Blaster Cannon.


Flutter FETTI offers 4 different Continuous Flow Cannons which include; the Baby Gerb, the 3" and 6" Gerbs and the Surprise Box . All these offer an amazing dramatic visual display.


Our X6 Version 3 can shoot 2" X 40' metallic streamers 110' into the air for a spectacular special effect. It can shoot streamers so far because it uses electricity and a single 16 Gram Co2 cylinder which is more powerful than using compressed air.



Unleash the Thrill: Unveil a Baby's Gender in a Dazzling Explosion of Color! Using Flutter FETTI's 14" baby gender reveal hand flick tubes filled with either a combination of pinks, a combination of blues or a combination of both colors of confetti, which sets the stage for an electrifying and emotionally charged experience that will leave soon-to-be parents and their loved ones on the edge of their seats! Get ready for a burst of joy and excitement as you make the big reveal in the most spectacular and unforgettable way possible!


Imagine this: the pulsating beat, the crowd's anticipation reaching a crescendo, and then, BAM! A mesmerizing explosion of confetti and streamers cascades down, transforming the entire atmosphere into a whirlwind of color and excitement.

Picture timed releases during a climactic song or the grand finale, where each burst of confetti adds an extra layer of intensity to the music. The result? An unparalleled concert experience that transcends the ordinary. The crowd becomes not just spectators but active participants, caught in a storm of confetti that amplifies the energy and transforms the event into an unforgettable spectacle.

Get ready for the ultimate sensory overload as confetti and streamers become the highlight of the show, turning a great performance into an extraordinary, immersive celebration. Brace yourself for a concert experience like never before, where every beat is accentuated by a burst of confetti, making it an absolute feast for the senses!


Revitalize Your Nightlife Adventure: Immerse Yourself in the Ultimate Club Experience!

Step into a world where the party vibe reaches new heights, and the energy on the dance floor is nothing short of electric. Picture this: a nightclub pulsating with beats, and just when you think it couldn't get any better, confetti and streamers burst into the scene, adding a whole new dimension to the night.

Envision coordinated releases perfectly syncing with key moments in the music, creating an exhilarating synergy between the beats and the explosive bursts of confetti. It's not just a night out; it's a sensory journey, where every movement, every note is accentuated by the mesmerizing dance of colors and textures.Get ready to be part of an experience that goes beyond the ordinary club scene. With confetti and streamers as the secret ingredients, the nightlife becomes a vibrant, dynamic spectacle that you won't just witness but actively immerse yourself in. Join the celebration, boost the party vibe, and make every night at the nightclub an unforgettable adventure!


Easy-to-use, affordable hand-flick confetti cannons. Flutter FETTI offers a wide variety of confetti or streamer special effects to make your wedding truly memorable! Their tissue is biodegradable and flame proof and their PVC metallic film is also flame proof. Plus they can custom color their products to match your wedding motif.

Whether during the vows, the first kiss or as the couple makes their grand entrance or exit the visual elements add a touch of magic to the wedding festivities.


When planning your event it's not just about offering food, music and entertainment it's about adding WOW! special effects that your guests will be remembering and talking about for years to come.

Looking for top-quality special effect products? Shop Flutter FETTI today for that extra touch of excitement and fun.