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Captivating Ways to Elevate Your Wedding Decor with Flutter FETTI®


Your wedding day is a unique reflection of your personal style, cultural influences, and the love you share with your partner. When it comes to creating a memorable atmosphere, Flutter FETTI® is your ultimate ally. Our diverse range of spectacular special effect products offers unparalleled versatility, ensuring your celebration stands out. While confetti is often associated with the joyous send-off or the post-ceremony revelry, there are countless creative ways to infuse Flutter FETTI® magic into your wedding decor.

Flower Girl Baskets

Transform the traditional flower girl moment by opting for our bulk tissue or metallic flower petals in custom colors to match your wedding decor. These petals offer an elegant touch, making your processional march truly enchanting.

Tabletop Decoration

Elevate your table settings with a sprinkle of custom-colored metallic hearts, rose petals, or stars around each centerpiece. For a dazzling effect, consider renting table top launchers which can be hidden in flower arrangements and when they fire off your guests will be showered with metallic Flutter FETTI®. Our table top launchers create a visual feast that captivates your guests.

The Send-off

Bid farewell to the newlyweds in style with our hand flick confetti or streamer cannons. Unlike bubbles or sparklers, our products offer a decorative and safe alternative. Explore unique options like Finger Slingers where 10-6' streamers stay attached to a 9" tube, ensuring No cleanup No mess.

The Reception Entrance

Make the grand entrance of the bride and groom a spectacle with our hand flick 18" cannons filled with metallic Streamers and FETTI® in custom colors. Picture the Instagram-worthy moment as vibrant, decorative streamers fill the air. For smaller venues, the Mega Blaster handheld Co2 confetti launcher filled with tissue and metallic die cut products would be a hit.

Colorful Dance Floor Fun

Take your first dance to the next level by incorporating Hand Flick Cannons. Guests can join in the excitement with cannons on each table possibly incorporated into the flower arrangements enhancing the festive backdrop of this special celebration. Add a burst of color and energy to the dance floor that everyone will remember. Have your DJ announce to your guests how to use the cannons and when to use them.

Picture Perfect Moments

Capture unforgettable memories by incorporating Flutter FETTI® into your photo booth or backdrop. Create picture-perfect special effects by using our 6" hand flick cannons flicking the confetti into the photo booth during group shots or intimate moments with the newlyweds and the wedding party.

Keeping it On Theme

Since our products are handmade in the USA you can align your selection of Flutter FETTI® products with the couple’s chosen colors and the overall theme of the wedding. Whether it's a winter wonderland with Bulk Snow Cut Tissue Confetti or a vibrant summer celebration, let your decor reflect the couple's unique style and creativity.

Remember, our confettiologists are ready to assist you or your wedding planner with more decorating ideas and expertise in incorporating special effects. Make your wedding a day to remember with Flutter FETTI® products—where every moment is a celebration!