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Concerts & Tours

Suggested Concerts & Tours Products:

Why do people go to concerts and shows? 

For Entertainment, for Excitement, for Fun? Then Give It To Them! How? By showering them with  Flutter FETTI® "Special Effect Products!" 
Our biodegradable flame proof confetti shot into the air in bulk is an awesome, easy way to “WOW!" your audiences and take their experience to the next level. Many of our competitors try to copy Flutter FETTI® but there are 19,500 pieces of Tissue Flutter FETTI confetti in our 1 lb bags. So it doesn't take many pounds of Flutter FETTI to make a BIG LOOK!
PlUS, we offer WHOLESALE PRICES FOR OUR PRODUCTS FOR EVENTS!  Why are you paying exorbitant prices for Confetti and Streamers Special Effects when you can pay LESS when buying from Flutter FETTI?  You should call us for a Quote so you can order from the company who's giving you the BEST discounted price.  IGNORE our ONLINE prices. Call us for our WHOLESALE PRICING. Our toll free number is 877-321-1999. 
 And if you spend $5,000 in a year from us you're eligible for our DISTRIBUTOR PRICING which is EVEN LESS than our Wholesale pricing! So what are you waiting for?  Contact Flutter FETTI for your next concert tour confetti or streamer products!

We’re extremely proud that Flutter FETTI’s specialized concert confetti or streamers has been featured in countless past performances including Shania Twain, Sir Paul McCartney, Beyonce, Toby Keith, Sarah Brightman, Fall Out Boy, The Killers, Rascal Flatts, ACDC, Guns and Roses and many, many, many more!

 We Have The Power To Shower Your Audience!

Flutter FETTI Confetti is most exciting when it’s blasted high in the air out of our Continuous Flow Gerb launchers, especially at the finale of the show. The exhilaration that the audience feels the moment our Tissue biodegradable Flutter FETTI confetti shoots out will leave them in awe and screaming with excitement!

Our launcher options include our Baby Gerb (for smaller venues with lower ceilings), our 3” and 6” continuous flow launchers, which will blow Flutter FETTI confetti up to 100’ into the air, or our NEW X-6 Version 3 Electric launcher, which can shoot 2” X 40’ metallic streamers over 110’ into the air.

Our X-6 Version 3 uses our new U.S. Patented (#10,222,169B2) Piercing Unit. Since the piercing unit has a 10" chamber attached to it once the Co2 is pierced it warms up in the chamber, so when the Co2 is shot it's more powerful than our competitors electric launchers. 
So if you need to screw in the Co2 cylinders into the launcher barrel and mount it on a truss several days before show day no problem! Our piercing units won’t leak. We’ve screwed in the Co2 for countless number of  days and they still held the gas and shot off perfectly! Both of our continuous flow blowers and our X-6 Version 3 electric launchers are compatible with your DMX technology.

 Extravagant or Simple FETTI

No matter what kind of show you have, we have Flutter FETTI confetti or a wide variety of streamer effects that’s perfect for your audience. All our products are proudly made in our factory in Largo, Florida USA. We offer the largest array of confetti and streamer "special effects" for your artists.

Besides streamers and Flutter FETTI we offer Special die-cut shapes, including die cut hearts, rose petals, apple leaves, stars and butterflies.

Our Streamer effects include Streamers with circular pieces of tissue we call Bubbles, Streamers with Metallic FETTI® and 6” streamers called FETTI Strips.  

Plus we offer our favorite effect: triangular shaped Corkscrews which spiral downward. If you have an artist looking for a "drop dead '' special effect then white tissue Corkscrews mixed with silver or gold metallic Flutter FETTI is the answer. When we shoot that combination off at a trade show attendees literally run across the trade show floor to see what this magical beautiful special effect is!

There are unlimited ways for you to entertain your audience using Flutter FETTI products. Plus, our tissue Flutter FETTI confetti is biodegradable and both our Tissue and Metallic bulk products are flame proof in case you are including pyrotechnics in the show.

All our Flutter FETTI products float up to 10 times longer than other confetti and streamer brands because we use the lightest raw materials to make our products. In fact, we use only the lightest weight PVC film to make our Metallic streamers and FETTI. Many of our competitors use a heavier film which of course is cheaper and not as beautiful in the air.

Our light PVC film means our streamers shoot higher into the air and slooowly float downward plus because our metallic FETTI is so light you get more pieces in a lb. In fact, our metallic FETTI has 11,900 pieces per lb. Our products are so lightweight making that special moment feel like an eternity.
We even offer you Wholesale Pricing on “Instant Dissolve” Tissue Flutter FETTI in all white by the pound. Call one of our Confettiologist for pricing.


Since we get a 45% discount from FEDEX  we offer you that discounted price. Plus, if you’d like we can blind ship (which means none of our contact information is in or on the boxes) to each event site in the tour making it very easy for you and the tour manager.

Professional Show Consulting

Because we have such a wide variety of confetti and streamer effects we recommend you call one of our confettiologists for suggestions. As a reminder we'll offer you our WHOLESALE PRICING and if the tour goes on for a long time you might be eligible for Distributor pricing offering you a bigger discount.
If you have any questions about who we are or what we can do for you, give us a call at (877) 321-1999.

P.S. We currently offer a LOYALTY PROGRAM on All White Tissue Flutter by the Pound. The more you buy the lower the price!

All prices are in US Dollars
Disclaimer: Note some tissue confetti products are colored with dye that may stain if they become damp or wet. Please remove wet tissue confetti immediately upon discharge.  Note, our metallic confetti or streamers DO NOT STAIN.  No need to immediately remove them upon discharge.