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The Science Behind Flutter FETTI®’s Confetti and Streamer Products: Elevating Special Effects


When it comes to choosing special effects for your events, confetti and streamers from Flutter FETTI® stand out as some of the easiest, safest (compared to pyrotechnics), and most effective options for both indoor and outdoor occasions. Individually, confetti and streamers each bring a unique burst of color, enhancing the festive atmosphere. However, combining them takes the visual and emotional aspects to a whole new level. Let's delve into the technical details behind the usage of these special effects.

Streamer Effects

Upon projection, streamers distinguish themselves by not falling like confetti or the curly variety. Instead, they unravel in the direction in which they're launched, thanks to their tightly rolled design. A closer look at how streamers work can be observed by using Flutter FETTI 9" or 18" Airless launchers. These are REVOLUTIONARY in the Industry. These cannons don't need Co2 to propel the streamers into the air. You simply point and flick the tubes and the steamers will fly high into the air with the flick of your wrist.

On a larger scale, the X6 Version 3 electric cannon equipped with a 16 gram Co2 cylinder can propel streamers up to 110 ft. in the air.

Our 6” Continuous Flow Confetti Gerb Launcher, suitable for indoor or outdoor use, features two horns. One horn expels the Flutter FETTI® product, while the other emits enough Co2 to project confetti higher and farther than a single-horn mechanism. The projection direction depends on the angle at which you point the horns, providing flexibility for different visual effects.

Confetti Effects

Similar to streamers, confetti can deliver profound special effects when launched with larger cannons. Although confetti comes in smaller pieces compared to streamers, the vast array of colors, shapes, and materials such as tissue, metallic, and PVC offer versatility. The choice of material affects the visual aspect, especially the speed at which the confetti falls, with tissue being lighter than PVC.

Confetti works well with large continuous flow cannons, but it also proves versatile for planning launches and visual effects. Using our hand flick cannons, or using hand-held cannons like the Flutter FETTI® Co2 Handheld Confetti Launchers, provide flexibility in achieving desired effects. These handheld launchers, equipped with our U.S. Patented trigger unit, which has a leak-proof Co2 cylinder, lifting foam, and compression cap, can project confetti as high as 80 feet into the air. The components work together to build up pressure within the barrel, enhancing the confetti's projection height.

How Do Co2 Cylinders Work?

Co2 cylinders play a crucial role in powering the projection of both confetti and streamers. With a threaded top that securely screws into the cannon, the cylinders ensure that compressed gas remains sealed inside, eliminating worries about gas leakage. The compression cap, placed atop the barrel, contributes to building pressure, adding more projectile power to the launch. Whether using hand-held launchers, our X6 electric launcher, or our 9 barrel POD cannons Flutter FETTI's easy-to-use, leak-proof U.S. Patented trigger unit using our Co2 cylinders maximize the devices' functionality, delivering breath taking special effects.

Ready to Learn More about Optimizing the Special Effects at Your Event?

Now that you have a grasp of the basic science behind creating stunning launches, you might find inspiration for planning your next gathering or event. Flutter FETTI® offers a wide range of confetti and streamers for themed parties, weddings, championships, concerts, and more! Feel free to reach out with any questions about device assembly, usage, or guidance on choosing the best materials for optimal visual effects. Contact us today for a free quote.