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Reflections by Ronee – National Balloon Convention

Posted by Genesis Samson on 10/22/13

Man playing in confettiRemember when Peter Pan flew around the room singing “I won’t grow up”?  Well at a recent National Balloon Convention that memory came flooding back to my mind.  It was one of the coolest conventions I’d ever had the pleasure of attending.  The balloon artists were unbelievable and I’m not talking about the local clown types that make a hat for your kid.  I mean the artists that make outrageous compositions like a towering King Kong or Cinderella being pulled in a carriage – all made out of balloons!

Despite the fun factor, the award ceremony was a very upscale black tie event.  There were probably 1,000 people attending and the atmosphere was buzzing with excitement.  As the last song of the night approached, waiters with trays brought out our famous 14” Flutter FETTI® Confetti Sticks for each attendee.

At first the well-dressed guests stared at the silver holographic tubes saying, “What is this?  Do we blow on it, pull a string, or twist it?”  The master of ceremonies then got on stage to tell everyone how to use the confetti sticks and as the last song came on the air he prepared everyone to shoot off the sticks all at once.

“3… 2… 1…” HURRAY!  All of sudden, hundreds of thousands of Flutter FETTI were flying, floating, and fluttering into the air!  Dozens of men draped in tuxedos went absolutely wild and began jumping onto tables to catch all the floating and fluttering confetti!  There was a frenzy of activity, lots of dancing and jumping up and down, and tons of smiles.

That was exactly the moment when Peter Pan popped into my head and it reminded me that some boys just never grow up!  I was so delighted to witness the festivities.  It warms my heart to know that Flutter FETTI® can create so much fun in the air.  And that’s exactly what these guys had – a whole lot of fun!