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Our Hearts Go Out To Everyone Affected By Hurricane Sandy!

Posted by Genesis Samson on 10/31/12

HurricanePicFor the past 48 hours, our eyes have been glued to CNN.  The pictures and videos of devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy are almost unreal and we can’t even begin to express our sympathy and empathy to everyone living in the mid-Atlantic and Northeastern U.S.

The images bring back memories of our own experiences during Hurricane Katrina.  At the time our company was based in New Orleans and the Category 5 monster destroyed our factory causing us to lose everything we had worked so hard to build.  At the time we wondered if life will ever be the same again, but after the initial shock, we learned to move on, re-build and grow stronger.

Therefore, we want to offer our sympathies and support to everyone who’s endured Hurricane Sandy.  We know exactly what you’re going through.  Seek help from friends and neighbors and take it one day at a time to grow stronger and survive.

We personally know how good the Red Cross can be since every gift we received during Katrina, big or small, brought tears to our eyes with gratitude.  We ask that you donate to to help all those affected by Sandy.  Our neighbors up north could use all our help!