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Making the Most of Your Mardi Gras Party

Posted by wpengine on 03/12/19

Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, falls on February 28th in 2017. The best weekend to catch all the action in New Orleans
is February 24th to 28th, when you’ll catch all the best parades like Zulu, Bacchus, Rex and Endymion. Whether you
want to take part in the festivities in the Big Easy or in your hometown, you can make it the ultimate Mardi Gras
experience with Flutter FETTI!

Make it Yours

At Flutter FETTI, we’re focused on making events extra special with confetti and streamer options customized for
your needs. In fact, we have several pages of Mardi Gras products for you to browse. Our tissue Flutter FETTI is
designed to stay in the air longer, to really give that WOW factor to your event. Plus, Flutter FETTI tissue is
biodegradable and made from recycled paper, so it’s easy on the environment. Staying inside for evening? Try our
18″ Airless Confetti Launchers with Metallic Streamers for a colorful and display of your party spirit. Our
Confettiologists are standing by to help you make your next event amazing!

Set the Mood

It wouldn’t be Mardi Gras without the flair that’s made New Orleans famous. But who has time to run around to
different stores looking for just the right things? Fortunately, Flutter FETTI has all your Mardi Gras needs in one
stop, making it a breeze to set the mood for your celebration. We’re here to make your party bigger, better and
more colorful than ever before!

Get your guests the Mardi Gras essentials, like beads, masks, and New Orleans paraphernalia, and you can set
yourself apart with a little something extra. Ask each guest to dress around a theme – the flashier, the better!
Hold a contest for the best costume and hand out our 14-inch Swisher Mardi Gras Confetti Tubes to celebrate the
winner. These were specifically created for this holiday and each stick contains purple, yellow and green tissue
Flutter FETTI, and has purple, green and gold pom-poms and a noisemaker at the other end.

You’ll also need some excellent Creole or Cajun food to keep your guests satisfied. Serve traditional dishes like
jambalaya and red beans and rice and include some signature cocktails. Finally, don’t forget to play the hottest
New Orleans brass, swing or zydeco music to get that French Quarter atmosphere going no matter where your party
takes you. Create a playlist that’s several hours long in advance so you’re ready to party all night long and let
the dancing and revelries begin!

Keep the Party Going

With Flutter FETTI confetti sticks, you’ll have your guests partying all night like they do in New Orleans. Keep up
the enthusiasm with regular confetti blasts and noisemakers from our special Mardi Gras line of confetti products.
Partygoers are sure to love your innovative style, and talk about your creative Mardi Gras party for years to come.
By pairing several of our products to use at various times throughout the night, you can be rest assured your
guests won’t be leaving early. Who would want to miss the next confetti explosion?

Planning a BIG Event

If you’ve been tasked with the job of pulling off your local Mardi Gras parade or indoor gala, give our
Confettiologists a call at (877) 321-1999 for help. We’ll collaborate with you on figuring out which of our
products will best suit your venue. Indoors or out, our products will impress even the most die-hard Mardi Gras
enthusiasts. Create a small committee of people who will oversee each aspect of the event so the plan goes off
without a hitch. Our products are ideals for over the top floats! If you’re hoping to steal the show, Gerb blowers
are available to rent and are a must-have in parades across the country!

Stand Out from the Crowd

If you’re headed to the Big Easy for the 2017 festivities, make a statement by purchasing our Flutter FETTI
confetti sticks in bulk. You’re sure to be the life of the party when you and your friends are your own walking
confetti factory, and you can even design your outfit around them! Get the most throws this year and be the life of
the party, we’re here to help you make a splash.

Make it a Mardi Gras to Remember

Snapping pics for social media all Mardi Gras weekend? Share your pics! Since we’ll be busy behind the scenes
making sure our Flutter FETTI team makes Mardi Gras magical, we want to see YOUR Mardi Gras moments. Submit a photo
here and receive a discount on a future purchase! Be sure to like us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram well ahead
of the big day because we’ll have tips and articles ready to provide exciting ideas that you’ll want to incorporate
into your party.

“Flutter FETTI is so much fun! We ordered the 14″ sticks for Mardi Gras every year (we walk in a parade on Mardi
Gras morning). They are so festive and people in the crowd just LOVE to be showered with confetti!” Kim S.

“I am very very pleased with our confetti sticks. We order over 500 and received as promised. Our Mardi Gras
Royalty will be using them very shortly for our Krewe of Gemini XXVI Grand Bal & Tableau!” Bernadette B.

“Ordered 8 launchers with just streamers, no confetti. Order came in VERY fast and when used, a storm of streamers
came out from the double-sided launchers. So easy to use and the visual effect was top notch. Next Mardi
Gras….we’ll do it again.” Rob