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How to Plan a Dance Recital Like a Pro – 7 Brilliant Tips

Posted by Genesis Samson on 01/10/17

dance-recitalPlanning a dance recital can be hard work and stressful but Flutter FETTI knows how to create a program that is authentic and entertaining; one that will not disappoint! As a dance school owner or teacher, you’re constantly focused on skills, techniques, and logistics of scheduling and making your students shine. Let our team of Confettiologists help you execute an amazing dance recital with these 7 quick and easy tips!


  1. Create a Theme:

Inspiring music is essential for this type of event. Choosing different types of music that ties in with your actual dance recital will create a progressive and engaging theme which will not only create an amazing atmosphere, but get the guests tapping their feet and even singing along. Popular playlists include soundtracks, the latest top 40 list, and world cultures.


  1. Recital Program:

Raise money by selling ads to families, friends, and local businesses to congratulate the dancers for all their hard work and dedication! Offer sponsored ads to local businesses to promote their services to help them progress in their endeavors and attract people to use their business. If you request a small fee for sponsorship, it can help to raise funds for the recital, but be sure to thank them in your program and send them pictures or videos of the dancers holding a sign with their business name and logo.

  1. Professional Photos:

It’s tough to capture the perfect shot during the performance, especially if you can’t be in two places at once and dancers are performing at their peak! Hiring a professional photographer that can take recital pictures from different angles and positions will assist in photography and capturing the moments. The pictures will also be high quality and you can sell packages to the parents. Great for gifts! Images can also be displayed on bulletin boards at your dance studio, and (if permission is given) included on social media promotions and fliers to attract more students for the next season!


  1. Backup Supplies:

Stay equipped with backup supplies just in case you run out of an item or repairs need to be done. Some suggestions are: safety pins, scissors, baby wipes, bobby pins, extra tights, makeup and hair gels, sprays, an extra costume or two, and any other items that are used during the event. Someone will inevitably forget something, so BE PREPARED for this ahead of time.


  1. Flowers:

Partner with your local florist to sell individual flowers and bouquets during the performance and to present to dancers at the end of recital. Give parents and other guests the opportunity to hand out bouquets at the end of the performance, but don’t leave out children who may not have family in attendance. If this may be the case, be sure to purchase bouquets for everyone and personally deliver flowers to each dancer, with a congratulatory hug.


  1. Grand Finale:

collage-fettiConfetti at end of recital or after dancers come out and bow, is impactful and easy to integrate by using hand flick confetti sticks, continuous flow confetti blowers, or any other of our wide range of visual effects that add to the setting. Whether you’re going low key with classical dance (think soft whites and pinks), or showing off your students’ hip hop moves (bold and bright colors), the team at Flutter FETTI is ready to assist you in your grand finale!



Flutter FETTI offers a range of product options for fantastic visual effects suitable for all types of venues. Choose from Flutter FETTI confetti and corkscrews, streamers, and fun and whimsical die cut shapes, or a combination of several options!

We hope you found these ideas inspirational! Our customers continue to amaze us with the creative ways they come up with for using our Confetti Cannons. Why not share your idea with the Flutter FETTI Community in the Comments section below?


Flutter FETTI knows exactly how to make your dance recital memorable! Our talented Confettiologists have you covered! Contact us Toll-Free at 877-321-1999 (outside of the U.S. at 504-522-0300). Once you have the event space size and ceiling height, our Confettiologists will recommend the best products for your recital.

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