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Coolest Places to Celebrate New Years Eve

Posted by Genesis Samson on 12/10/12

New Years Eve confetti celebration
We recently wrote an article about top 5 ways to celebrate New Years Eve and traveling to someplace new was one of the main suggestions.  We realize that there are so many places you can go and our goal is to help you narrow down the options.  Here are some of the coolest places to travel to celebrate New Years Eve:

New Orleans, LA, USA – The city that brings you Jazz Fest and Mardi Gras obviously knows how to party at New Years Eve too.  Skip the crowds at Times Square and join the revelry in NOLA’s Jackson Square.  Live music and a “baby drop” are just the beginning of the fun.  A 15-minute fireworks display lights up the sky and you can join in the excitement with your very own 14” FireCracklers Confetti “Snappers”.  The post-midnight madness stretches from river cruises to jazz clubs to Bourbon Street and is always amazing.

Vail, CO, USA – Whereas big cities offer few outdoor activities for cold weather, Vail and the other Colorado Rockies mountain towns offer skiing, sledding, ice skating, and a whole slew of other winter sports.  On New Years Eve, First Night activities are available for the young ones while those who are older (but young at heart) can break it down to DJs spinning at Dobson Arena, enjoy a champagne toast, and dance the night away under a blizzard of confetti.

Niagara Falls, ON, Canada – The mighty North American waterfall hosts an even mightier display of pyrotechnics on New Years Eve with two big fireworks shows!  Put on your furry coat and join the thousands of revelers who gather each year at Niagara Falls to hear big-name bands, burst out the countdown, and head to the casino for some late night fun.  If you can brave the chill, try a glass of ice wine, the locally produced drink.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – On the opposite hemisphere where New Years Eve is hot and summery, Brazil knows how to celebrate best.  Hit the beach, Copacabana beach that is, to witness the most beautiful seaside fireworks in the country.  Then throw on your clubbing shoes and prepare to dance with the beautiful people of Brazil.  It’s so much fun, you’ll wish the night would never end.

Reykjavik, Iceland – The nights are long here, very long, so it’s no surprise that Icelanders know how to take advantage of the darkness.  On New Years Eve, huge bonfires and joyous fireworks displays light up the city all night long.   When the clock strikes 12, everyone hits the local bars for strong drinks, live music, and a convivial atmosphere that make long cold nights seem extra warm!

Berlin, Germany – The world’s largest organized New Year’s Eve party sprawls out over two kilometers in downtown Berlin.  Free shows, party tents, and tons of food and drink stalls give the million or so visitors plenty to do while they wait for the big countdown.  If you think the fireworks show of Brandenburg Gate was the end, then think again.  Berliners are known to party into the wee hours of the morning on a normal night – just wait until you see them on New Years Eve!

Istanbul, Turkey – East meets West at this magnificent metropolitan on the Bosphorus Strait.  It’s the only place in the world where you can easily celebrate New Years Eve in both Europe and Asia simultaneously.  Enjoy food and music that define traditional life here and then quickly move on to the nightlife scene that is reminiscent of other great European cities.  It’s an experience of a lifetime and one you won’t soon forget.

Sydney, Australia – Head ‘down under’ to witness the fireworks fly over the famous Harbour Bridge.  It’s one of the biggest televised fireworks displays in the world, but there’s nothing like seeing it in person.  Over a million people gather along the riverbanks to be enthralled by the music-synced program.

Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand – The islands of Thailand are well-known for their crystal clear water, soft sand beaches, and delicious food.  While you can easily enjoy a romantic getaway for New Years Eve, you can also come to this island for the world famous “full-moon party”.  The party rages from dusk until dawn so make sure to stuff yourself with plenty of scrumptious seafood before heading over to the beachside bars.

Kiritimati, Kiribati – If you can afford the time and cost to get here, this Pacific Island is an idyllic palm tree paradise.  Most importantly, due to the island’s proximity to the International Date Line, celebrating here means you get to be the first to usher in the New Year.  Just after midnight, call your friends and family from Kiribati and let them know what the future holds!

Anywhere – Of course, any place you plan to go is bound to be a thrilling New Years experience.  At Flutter FETTI, we know that the best way to celebrate the occasion is with a handful of 14″ Flutter FETTI Confetti Sticks, GUARANTEED to make every event extra special!  If you wish to add the “WOW!” effect to your New Years Eve celebration, contact one of our confettiologists and we’ll make the right product recommendation for you.