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5 Wedding Planner Tips: How To WOW Guests with Confetti

Posted by Genesis Samson on 07/22/14

Wedding Planner ConfettiThe expectations of wedding guests have risen substantially over the years. A seven-piece band, floor-to-ceiling decorations and three-tier cake are just not enough anymore. If you’re a wedding planner looking for ideas on how to WOW your guests, then we’ve got the answer here at Flutter FETTI. Our confetti and streamer products are visually stunning and will have guests talking about the event long after it’s over.

Here are 5 wedding planner confetti tips that you won’t want to miss:

Tip #1: Make the First Dance Extra Magical

The first dance is one of the most magical moments of the evening. It’s when the newlyweds’ love is at its peak and when all the stress and drama of the event completely fades away. The only thing that makes the couple’s first dance more special is the demonstration of love by family, friends and honored guests. Supply each guest one or two 6” Wedding Confetti Hand-Flick Stick(s) via server trays and ask the DJ to explain their usage prior to the dance. As the dance begins, have guests circle around the dance floor, count down to three and shower love and confetti all over the special couple. It’s a magical moment that only FETTI can make!

Tip #2: Choose Die-Cut Heart Confetti

As a wedding planner, you know how popular confetti has become. From the ceremony exit to the last dance to the reception exit, confetti has found its place in so many wedding moments. You probably knew all that, but did you know that confetti isn’t always circular or square? With Flutter FETTI’s die-cut capabilities and custom color options, you can use white and pink heart-shaped confetti, red and green rose petal-shaped confetti, pink and yellow butterfly-shaped confetti and more. The most thrilling release comes when you use our Surprise Box. Gift wrap it and place it on the dance floor for the biggest surprise of the night! With so much variety, wedding planning just got a whole lot more fun!

Tip #3: Smother Everyone with Love…ly Confetti Blowers

Why get dozens of little hand-flick sticks when you can create a whole blizzard of bright white confetti with just the push of a button? The 3” Continuous Flow Confetti Gerb Launcher pushes pound after pound of confetti up to 75’ in the air every second. So while guests are focused on eating, drinking and dancing, you can take care of making the magic happen. The confetti blowers are ideal for any wedding moment where every guest is poised for excitement, such as the reception entrance or the last dance. Alternatively, do as one bride did: hide the confetti blower behind the getaway limo and set off all white Corkscrews confetti as the couple exits the reception.  What a way to end a wedding!

Tip #4: Conclude the Night with a Confetti Cannons and Metallic Streamers

Bigger is better, especially when it comes to ending the biggest night of someone’s life. While some couples will spend a fortune on fireworks, as a wedding planner you know that there are equally impressive alternatives. Big confetti cannons, like the X-6 Double Barrel Wireless Confetti Launcher, are prime candidates for creating a worthy ending to a special night. Hook up two launchers on opposite sides of the reception exit and as the couple walks out, shoot Metallic Streamers high into the night sky and watch the streamers arc overhead. It’s a magnificent conclusion to a magnificent event.

Tip #5: Let It Be – Keeping Colorful Confetti on the Dance Floor

This final wedding planner tip is one that few people consider, but more should remember. Wedding confetti makes for colorful, dramatic and unique photos, especially when it’s fluttering, floating and flying through the air. What happens after it lands on the ground and covers the dance floor or entrance with a sprinkling of color? The initial urge is to clean it up, but we recommend leaving it where it is until the event is over. Kids will love picking it up and tossing it about, adults will love grooving on a floor full of FETTI, and the photographer will capture photos that capture the true beauty of the wedding. While Flutter FETTI always looks best in the air, once in awhile it’s okay to enjoy it on the ground!

Do you have any other wedding planner tips on how to WOW guests with confetti and streamers? We’d love to hear your advice and feel free to share some photos or videos from recent wedding events!