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So you want a wedding that not only you will remember forever, but your guests too?
Flutter FETTI is the answer! We offer a huge variety of unique bachelor/bachelorette and wedding confetti decorations that makes everyone involved feel special. It’s perfect to enhance your bachelor/bachelorette party, create a beautiful, all-white cascade of Flutter FETTI confetti as you walk down the aisle, or give your guests a super exciting interactive way to send you off in style. You’ll love our creative confetti wedding decorations and "SPECIAL EFFECTS!"
Your wedding should be memorable and special to you, but you'll want everyone else to enjoy and talk about it too. Flutter FETTI confetti is the BEST way to add joy and awe to a wedding celebration. All of our wedding-themed confetti is custom designed to make everyone in attendance feel special. Our biodegradable confetti for weddings is an excellent way to enhance your guests' experience.

Flutter FETTI is the Right Addition for Any Wedding!
Our creative and special biodegradable confetti for weddings and other products are all super easy to use. They are very safe both indoors and outdoors since our tissue is biodegradable and both our tissue and metallic products are flame proof, they won't burn even if they land on a candle. We even offer Water Soluble “instant dissolve” all white biogradable confetti for outdoor or beach weddings.
Our handheld flick sticks are a popular wedding favor. The easy and ready-to-use 6" tubes are designed to easily fit inside a purse or a man's jacket pocket, and they’re a fun and exciting alternative to rice, rose petals, and bubbles. All of our tissue confetti wedding decorations are biodegradable and flame-proof, so you can safely use them during both indoor and outdoor ceremonies/receptions. There’s easy clean up too with a vacuum or blower.

Your Guests Can Have Hands On Fun!
Use our confetti wedding decorations to make a dramatic impact inside of a reception hall even when the ceiling's are low. We offer a wide variety of biodegradable confetti options available to you for your wedding and reception celebration. Choose one of our "hand flick" products for your entrance or first dance. Choose our Hand Flick Metallic Streamers to shoot over the bride and groom as they make their Grand Entrance into the Reception Hall.
For the first dance use our 6", 9" or 14" Confetti Sticks to shower the bride and groom. Have the waiters pass them out on trays to your guests then have the DJ announce when and how to use them. Then watch the fun and excitement as your guests shower the bride and groom with Flutter FETTI.
Or choose one of our Hand Held Co2 launchers filled with die cut rose petals, or our continuous flow blowers using all white Corkscrews which spiral downward combined with silver or gold metallic Flutter FETTI which flutters, flies and floats slooowly downward. Our favorite confetti wedding decoration is our Surprise box which could be gift wrapped and put on the dance floor filled with die cut butterflies or die cut hearts. Just as the name suggests when the Box is opened, Surprise! The butterflies or hearts will fly out of the box as your guests applaud in excitement!

If your venue say no confetti or not even streamers then show them our Finger Slingers which are 10-12' streamers all attached offering no mess in the venue! They are very simple and fun to use. You can order them in 6’ lengths or 12’ lengths. We even carry them attached to a 9” tube which makes them easier to use.

Be sure to to click on our Wedding videos and scroll through our wedding photos but most of all read the reviews from Brides on how much Flutter FETTI added to their Special Day!

Call Us Today!
The Flutter FETTI Team is here to help make your wedding spectacular! Flutter FETTI’s wedding confetti and streamers truly make magic and memories. Contact one of our Confettiologists Toll-Free at (877) 321-1999 for customized wedding suggestions today! If have any questions about our wedding confetti products, or you you’re interested feel free to Get A Quote today!