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Event Confetti

Excellent Discount Party Supplies and Confetti for Your Party Planning

The Fetti® Planner is your ticket to an outstanding social event. If you are an event party planner searching for discount event decorations, including confetti and streamers, to knock the socks off your attendees, we have what you need! Flutter Fetti®'s "Fetti® Event Planner" will simply help guide you through our confetti, streamers and other party supplies for your event planning decoration needs. If you are an event party planner, tell us about your upcoming social occasion and the Event Planner will show you the confetti, discount party supplies and more to make your party a success. Join the countless other party planners who regularly use our services to get confetti for events and concerts. We will help you find different styles and effects with supplies designed for specific locations and spaces.

Simply select the venue size (1-6) that best describes your party and our party planners will assist you with the confetti, streamers and other event planning supplies.

30' & Up Ceiling Height
Outdoor Use

25'-45' Ceiling Height

15'-25' Ceiling Height
Reception Halls,
Theaters, Nightclubs,
Hotel Ballrooms

12'-15' Ceiling Height
Reception Halls,
Theaters, Nightclubs,
Hotel Ballrooms

8'-10' Ceiling Height
Clubs, Theaters,
Reception Halls,
Hotel Meetings,
Home Celebrations

Why Do Savvy Event Planners Choose Flutter FETTI?

Flutter FETTI makes their clients happy AND they make money off Flutter FETTI, not a bad combination. Here are other reasons smart Event Planners go with us:

  • We offer no minimum orders We deliver ON-TIME, and we have no problem with late orders either.
  • We have an extra wide variety of effects….from huge stadium events to small parties or weddings we have the affordable effect for you.
  • Event Planners make money reselling our products. -You’ll always make money with our magic in the air!
  • We have special Event Planner pricing not available to the public…check out our sitewww.ConfettiShowcase.comand use it to order with your clients along side of you, and STILL MAKE MONEY…!  It's Easy!