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Win $250 of Spectacular Special Effects – Free to Enter and Free to Choose!

Posted by Genesis Samson on 05/22/14

At Flutter FETTI, we love throwing contests and this one features our BEST GIVEAWAY YET!  Why?  Because not only is it free to enter as always, but the winner has the freedom to choose the assortment of confetti and streamers for his or her event!!
















Contest ends 06/30/2014.  Click the link below for rules and details.

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Put the WOW factor into any SPECTACULAR event this summer with an explosion of customized confetti.  One lucky winner will get to talk to our famous confettiologists to design the perfect confetti effect for the exact event he or she chooses.  It’s like winning the lottery, except better because you win our exciting special effects to use at the event of your choice!!

What can you do this summer with a $250 of customized confetti?  We’ve got tons of ideas to stir your imagination!

Wonderful Custom Wedding Confetti!!

 Wedding FETTI

Are you or is someone you know getting married this summer?  With $250 worth of confetti, you’ll have the perfect party props like 14” Flutter FETTI Confetti Sticks to celebrate that first dance, last dance or reception exit.  If you’re looking for something a little more unique, don’t worry – we’ve got 5 new ways to use confetti at your wedding that will impress all your guests!

Summer Concert Confetti Basket!!

Concert FETTI

Are you a product manager at a big summer concert series?  Win $250 worth of bulk confetti and streamers to shoot into the crowd!  Or are you attending your favorite band’s show at the local festival this summer?  Mark the climax of your favorite song with a big splash of Flutter FETTI, like $250 worth of 18” Airless Launchers filled with multi-color tissue confetti.  The colors, sounds, and smiles from other fans will make it the summer moment to remember!

Baby Gender Reveal Confetti Bundle!!

Baby Reveal FETTI

Are you or someone you know pregnant and having a baby later this year?  Then everyone wants to know this:  is it a boy or a girl?  Rather than answer it with a boring email or Facebook post, reveal the baby’s gender in style with $250 worth of confetti sticks, like 6” Flutter Flickers.  It’s an amazing way to make the announcement and get all your friends and family involved too!

Great Graduation Confetti Kit!!

Graduation FETTI

Do you know someone celebrating a school graduation?  The latest tradition in high school graduations is reveling in a flurry of school-colored confetti.  Forget tossing caps and losing it amongst the crowd.  Get the crowd on its feet by tossing $250 worth of school-colored confetti and streamers at school graduation!

Fourth of July FireCracklers Confetti Kit!!

FireCracklers video

Looking for a colorful, safe alternative to fireworks?  Bring some whiz bang WOW to your July 4th barbeque with $250 of customized confetti like 14” Firecracklers, the perfect mix of colorful confetti and snapping poppers.  And don’t worry, all of Flutter FETTI tissue confetti is biodegradable and flame retardant, so it’s okay to use outdoors and won’t be hazardous near an open-flame grill!

The event ideas are endless, just like the mix-and-match options for your custom confetti bundle.  With $250 worth of confetti sticks, you can be sure to have a lot of fun picking and launching all that confetti!

The only way to win is to enter right away.  It’s free to enter and takes less than a minute – so get going now! 

Enter the contest now >>