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5 Big Ideas For Your New Year’s Eve Wedding Countdown

Posted by Genesis Samson on 11/21/13

A New Year’s Eve wedding combines two of the greatest things in life – a special day surrounded by your family and friends with a special moment that only comes once a year.  You’re guaranteed to have …

New Years Resolutions – 7 Inexpensive Ways To Have More Fun This Year

Posted by Genesis Samson on 01/02/13

The whole ‘recession’ and ‘fiscal cliff’ thing has made us a bit squeamish with our money.  Yet that’s no reason to give up on fun!  If you spent 2012 tightening the belt and skipping out on happy occ …

Coolest Places to Celebrate New Years Eve

Posted by Genesis Samson on 12/10/12

We recently wrote an article about top 5 ways to celebrate New Years Eve and traveling to someplace new was one of the main suggestions.  We realize that there are so many places you can go and our g …