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Special Effects for Warm-Weather Holiday Lighting Ceremonies

Posted by Genesis Samson on 12/10/14

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting in New York City is the quintessential holiday lighting.  You get the big, beautiful pine tree dotted with countless twinkling lights, a chilly winter evening accompanied by a light snowfall, and a sea of people bundled in festive winter gear.

That scene is possible in New York City, but what about in warm-weather cities like Los Angeles, Atlanta, Dallas, and Tampa Bay?  You’ll have to use a lot more imagination – or employ a wave of awesome special effects.  With a little bit of planning, the latter is easily achievable and way more fun!

Take a look at what Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive did for their 2014 Holiday Lighting Ceremony:

Pretty amazing, right?  Your warm-weather city can have an equally exciting ceremony!  All you need is the following setup:

  • 6” Continuous Flow Gerb Confetti Launchers
  • White Tissue Corkscrews Confetti

This is the ultimate combination because it creates an effect that looks and feels like snow!  By hooking up multiple 6” Continuous Flow Gerb Confetti Launchers (the largest of the Gerbs) and feeding it all-white Corkscrews confetti, a blizzard of ‘snow confetti’ will fly up to 100’ in the air so everyone can enjoy a bit of ‘winter wonderland’, even on the warmest evening.  That’s how Beverly Hills does it and that’s how you can do it too!

Of course, you don’t have to be limited to just a ‘blizzard effect’.  There are plenty of other great special effect ideas for holiday lighting ceremonies, including:

  • 9-Barrel POD Confetti Launcher
  • Multi-colored Tissue Flutter FETTI Confetti

Maybe you want something more colorful?  Or timed beautifully with your ceremony program?  After all, the holidays down South are often far more unique than the traditional ones in the snowy North.  Rather than pretend you have snow, think about shooting off multi-colored tissue confetti to make your tree lighting ceremony more colorful than ever before!  And use the 9-Barrel POD Confetti Launcher to make precision-aimed shots pre-programmed to go off with your music or show!

Here’s another great special effects combination:

  • X-6 Double Barrel Launcher
  • Metallic Streamers

Confetti is just one type of spectacular special effect; streamers are another!  Just as the tree lights up, launch stadium-sized 2” x 40’ Metallic Streamers from the twin barrels of X-6 Double Barrel Launchers and give every person in attendance a thrilling chill down their spine.  The excitement, the beauty and the spectacle of streamers soaring over the newly lit tree create the perfect climax for such a big event!

So never fear warm-weather dwellers:  it’s possible to have a spectacular holiday lighting ceremony with the help of even more spectacular special effects!  To get started, shop our online store or talk to one of our famous confettiologists at (877) 321-1999.