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No Matter The Venue, Your Bat/Bar Mitzvah Party Can Be Truly Memorable. Here’s How.

Posted by Genesis Samson on 01/12/16


Your child has been looking forward to celebrating their very own Bat or Bar Mitzvah for years. It’s a wonderful tradition, an opportunity for friends and family to participate in a very special occasion.

Yet when the responsibility falls on you to plan the party, it can be quite intimidating. Use these tips from the world-renowned celebration experts at Flutter FETTI® to ensure your party will be remembered for all the right reasons! Remember, the event is all about your child’s coming of age. Consider the planning from the point of view that it is their special day. Involve your child in the planning if you can – especially in selecting a theme for the party.

Speaking of which – why should you bother with a theme? It may seem like an unnecessary distraction, but it can actually make planning and deciding on venues, decoration, attire, and food much easier. Help your child arrive at their chosen party theme – whether it is a sport, a charity, a hobby, a historical event, or even a current affairs event – make sure you publicize the theme in the invites and share it with any catering and entertainment companies whose services you are retaining for the event.

Get the invitation list agreed upon before choosing the catering menu. This will make arriving at decisions on what foods to include much easier.

While we’re on the subject of invitations – here’s a handy checklist of the items you will need to decide on and include in your message:

  • The date of the party and the venue
  • If there is a favor list, or a charity to support in place of guests bringing favors
  • Theme and/or color scheme
  • Attire

Remember when deciding on the invitation list, that some of the most joyful occasions in your memory were inclusive times where you better got to know people that perhaps wouldn’t have been your first choice to make the list. Even if someone cannot attend, they will genuinely appreciate having had an invite. Make it clear that they shouldn’t feel under undue pressure to attend if they cannot make it.

Talk through other Bar and Bat Mitzvah parties you’ve attended with your child. What worked well, what things didn’t? Make notes. All wise people learn from the mistakes of others! A great party has lots of happy memories for everyone that attended.
Of course, don’t forget to add the magical power of Flutter FETTI® to make your event truly memorable. Did you know our website has a whole page dedicated to products that are perfect for Bar/Bat Mitzvah parties? The great thing about our handheld confetti launchers is that everyone gets to join in the fun! Not only does this make for wonderful photo opportunities, it is hard for anyone not to feel the energy and excitement caused by a wonderful shower of Flutter FETTI®. Young and old alike join in the laughter and dancing – it’s like uncorking bottled enthusiasm!