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Will You Be My Bridesmaid? 5 Creative Ways to Say It!

Posted by Genesis Samson on 01/17/17

collage-weddingYour significant other popped the big question and you said YES! Congratulations! Now that you have the shiny engagement ring on your finger, it’s your turn to ask some questions. Your best friends have been with you through thick and thin, by your side every step of the way, and now it’s time to make them your official bridesmaids! But don’t just send a dull text or make the usual phone call. Make them feel special by planning an outstanding proposal your best gals will never forget. Not sure how to ask your top girlfriends to be your bridesmaid? No worries! Our Confettiologists have put together some top-quality ideas to get you started! 


  1. Pop the Question

www-alfred-stiner-dot-comThis cute and cost efficient idea is a great way to ask your best girls to support you on your big day. All you need is a medium-sized square jewelry box, a ring pop (opened), paper and a pen. Insert the ring pop into the jewelry box, then write on the slip of paper, “It’s my turn to pop the question, will you be my bridesmaid?” Attach this to the inside roof of the box, so when your girlfriends it up, they’ll see the note and the adorable ring inside.


  1. Custom Fortune Cookies

www-wb-spectrum-dot-comTake a look online to find a company that will customize special messages for fortune cookies. If you all have an inside joke or special saying, tie that into your message. If not, a simply put “I can’t say “I DO” without you. Will you be my bridesmaid?” is a sweet wording choice. Invite all of your girls over for a Chinese take-out party. Rent the movie “The Proposal” and after everyone is done eating and watching the movie, have them open their fortunes!



  1. Miniature Scrapbook

www-geraldwallacefoundation-dot-orgCreate a personal scrapbook for each lady filled with magical moments from your friendship over the years. End the book with the statement “Will you be my bouquet-carrying, dress-bustling, champagne-drinking, dance floor dazzling, bachelorette-partying bridesmaid?” Who could say no to that? Have tissues nearby, the tears may be flowing before they get to the end.


  1. Paper Dolls

www-esty-dot-com-firstsnowfall-shopSend each friend a card with paper dolls on the inside asking “Will you stand beside me and be my bridesmaid on my wedding day?” You could go all out with colored dresses that match your theme if you’ve already decided. Put your personal stamp on this special invitation – be silly, elegant, or anything in between!


  1. Fabric Box

In a small box, place a fabric wrapped spool with a note attached that says “unravel me”. When your future bridesmaid unravels the spool, she’ll see the question, “My bridesmaids will be there to ensure I don’t unravel on this big day. Will you be my bridesmaid?”

Your top picks will love these ideas and feel loved because of all the personal touches you added. They won’t be able to resist the urge to say YES to you! For other creative ideas to make your wedding planning less stressful visit the Flutter FETTI blog for information on wedding flowerssongs, and unique wedding guest books and reception venues.

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