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Celebrate Bowl Game Victories with Confetti Cannons and Blowers

Posted by Genesis Samson on 11/25/14

You know that moment when confetti rains down on coaches, players and fans after a hard-fought Bowl Game victory?  It’s a spectacular and magical moment and one that’s truly deserved after all the sle …

Pageant Show Confetti – Victory Has Never Been Sweeter

Posted by Genesis Samson on 10/28/14

There’s a good chance you realize that pageant shows are the most competitive contests in the nation.  They’re a grueling mix of beauty, brains and talent and the women who compete put everything they …

Confetti is Still Perfect for Cruise Ship Events

Posted by Genesis Samson on 08/12/14

If you ever watched classic television show The Love Boat, then you probably recall seeing a ‘confetti send-off’ every time the cruise ship left port. While the days of fluttering farewells are over, …

3 Awesome Grand Opening Ideas with Confetti & Streamers

Posted by Genesis Samson on 08/05/14

A glitzy, highly publicized grand opening is vital for businesses that want to advertise a new building or location. A successful and exciting event can get the word out, bring in new customers, drive …

The Most Memorable Wedding Exit Idea: Confetti & Streamers!

Posted by Genesis Samson on 06/25/14

Creating a perfect wedding day requires precision in every detail: a beautiful dress, an intimate ceremony, a favorite first dance song, and just about everything else. It has to start off on the righ …

Top 5 Coolest Confetti Machines

Posted by Genesis Samson on 04/24/14

BOOM!  With just a single burst of confetti, you can change the momentum of an event and turn an ordinary night into an extraordinary occasion!  There are lots of ways to make an impact with confetti …