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Get The Facts About Flutter FETTI Confetti

Posted by Genesis Samson on 08/20/13

Corkscrew Confetti LauncherAs we always say, “There’s NOTHING like the original Flutter FETTI!”  You see, Flutter FETTI is not your standard confetti that falls to the ground with a splat.  Flutter FETTI flutters, floats and flies gracefully through the air creating a magical effect that only it can achieve.  In fact, many of our Flutter FETTI products are so unique they have been issued U.S. patents!

So here we want to take the time to give you the facts about Flutter FETTI and give them to you straight:

Flutter FETTI means customized, colorful confetti!

Reds and blues, greens and golds, purples and yellows – Flutter FETTI comes in all colors, shades and tones.  While some of our products come in standardized colors and combos, many of our most popular products, including the 14” Confetti Sticks and 18” Airless Launchers filled with Metallic Streamers allow you to customize your own colors so you can celebrate exactly the way YOU want!  Make them match the colors of your wedding, align it with school colors to show off your pride, or launch your favorite colors at your birthday party – it’s completely up to you!

Flutter FETTI means biodegradable confetti!

Are you one of those people that thinks confetti is bad for the environment and hard to clean up?  Well Flutter FETTI tissue confetti is 100% biodegradable, so you can shoot it outdoors and watch it enhance (rather than spoil) the scenery.  Our tissue FETTI is flame retardant too.  With tissue Flutter FETTI, you now have safe and environmentally friendly confetti that’s perfect for any event, indoors or outdoors!

Flutter FETTI means unique, hand-flick confetti sticks!

You no longer have to contend with C02-filled confetti launchers and confetti cannons every time you want to celebrate.  Flutter FETTI has invented revolutionary “hand-flick” airless launchers, which DON’T REQUIRE Co2 to shoot off.  A simple “flick of the wrist” will send our streamer products 25′ to 30′ high into the air – they are absolutely amazing to use and watch!  These are launchers that anyone can use at any time and almost anywhere!  Just check out our awesome the 14” Flutter FETTI Confetti Sticks, 14” Corkscrew Confetti Sticks and 18” Airless Launcher filled with Metallic FETTI Strips, just to name a few.  And every one of them creates magic in the air!

Flutter FETTI means streamer and confetti cannons!

When hand-flick confetti sticks aren’t big enough, our great selection of confetti and streamer cannons should definitely do the trick.  Flutter FETTI offers everything from handheld Master Blasters to mega-cool 6” Continuous Flow Confetti Gerb Launchers to awe-inspiring X-6 Double Barrel Wireless Confetti Launchers.  All are available for rent or purchase and all create a blizzard of confetti or streamers that is so exciting it will send shivers through your spine!

Flutter FETTI means unique, patented confetti products!

Not only do we sell the coolest confetti items in the world, but we are the only ones to sell items like the 14” FireCracklers and 18” Airless Launchers filled with Metallic Streamers and Bubbles, as well as our famous 14” Confetti Sticks and Corkscrew confetti!  Don’t fall for the knock-offs and imitation brands – we hold the patents and we’ve got the confetti products that will keep you party rocking all night long! 

Flutter FETTI means satisfied customers, guaranteed!

We don’t just say it, we mean it.  We don’t charge extra for last-minute orders, we don’t charge extra for shipping, and we don’t do ‘restocking’ charges.  What we do is put you – our customers – first and strive for on-time delivery.  If it’s not on time, we’ll take the product back and that’s a guarantee.  As our founder Jim Watkins used to say, “We want to Flutter FETTI the world” and we can only do it with the help of our happy customers!

Hopefully now you have a better understanding of what Flutter FETTI means and now you’ll know exactly why we love our confetti and streamer products so much!  To get all the facts, check out our FETTI® Facts – Confetti 101 information page.