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Are you a balloon artist looking for a way to stand out?

All it takes is adding a bit of Flutter FETTI® to your event. Balloons and Flutter FETTI work well together. Flutter FETTI gives balloon professionals a unique magical way to increase their tools as artists. This is a fantastic way to get people more excited and interested in your services, and it is a very simple way to increase your ability to capture the attention of anyone at your events.

When you add Flutter FETTI to your balloon work, you’ll be able to draw that big “WOW!” effect from your audience the excitement you're looking for and they need. There are a number of fun and exciting ways to incorporate Flutter FETTI confetti for balloons.

 Check Out "Pop Drops"

There’s something fun to be said about falling balloons at a special event. When you check out our Pop Drops, it gets even better. 
A three-foot balloon is filled with tiny balloons and Flutter FETTI. When it pops, FLUTTER FETTI will flutter, fly and float everywhere, creating excitement and bringing smiles to everyone’s face. This is a great party balloon decoration choice for any type of event with a large group of people – add more than one to create a magical experience across a larger group.

Balloon Drops Make the Confetti Fly – Combine the Two and you have Balloon Artist Confetti

You can also up-sell your clients by recommending they use our Hand Flick easy to use, affordable 14" Confetti Sticks. If you are planning an event that includes audience participation, this option works very well. 
Our Hand Flick Sticks come in 6", 9", 14" and 18" long tubes. They are sized that way for various ceiling heights. They can be customized to any color or style to match your events decor. When the balloons start to fall, encourage your audience members to "flick their sticks' to release  confetti everywhere. Since the audience doesn't know what's inside of the tubes it's a genuine surprise when they are showered with Flutter FETTI confetti.

You can also rent one of our 3 handheld Co2 launchers. We designed 3 different Co2 launchers for various venue sizes and ceiling heights. These confetti launchers can pump a great deal of confetti and or streamers in the color and style you desire – right into the air. When you really want it to rain down excitement, this is the route to take. It is a fantastic way for you to get a large group motivated, screaming, and cheering.

 Make Clear Balloons a Bit More Magical

Another way you can use our services is to add any of our metallic or tissue die-cut shapes to the inside of your clear balloons. This makes them a bit more magical and glamorous. Have the tissue or metallic cut into rose petals, hearts, circles, stars, or any shape that is meaningful for the event. This is a fantastic way to make clear balloons more interesting for a special event.
Or you could use our wrapped and banded Flutter FETTI in all tissue, all metallic or 75% tissue and 25% metallic Flutter FETTI.  Wrapped and banded Flutter FETTI is very easy to insert into a balloon.  Plus once you shake the balloon making the Flutter FETTI stick inside of the balloon it will create a FunSunsational "Special Effect" when the balloon pops and Flutter FETTI showers your guests with Fun and Excitement. Flutter FETTI Confetti  creates  Magic in the Air! 

 Create Tails for Your Balloons

When you want to make balloons a bit more interesting, consider teaming up with Flutter FETTI for tails. Yes, tails! We can create dynamic confetti tails for your balloons by using our strips of metallic film that glitter and dance in the sun. Or, use strips of tissue that’s biodegradable and easy to clean up.  We can custom color the tails to coordinate with your events decor.

 Memorable Gender Reveal Events

One of the best ways to make gender reveals even more entertaining is to combine balloons and our Hand Flick Gender Reveal Confetti Sticks. If you are in charge of the party balloon decorations at a gender reveal party consider adding our 14" Gender Reveal tubes which have a combination of pink and blue Flutter FETTI on the design of the outside of the tubes.  Inside of the tubes would be a combination of Hot Pink and Baby Pink or Royal Blue blue and Sky Blue tissue Flutter FETTI.  We even have a gender reveal tube which has a combination of all the colors if the parents are having TWINS!
After we put the aerodynamically designed stacks of Flutter FETTI confetti inside of the tube we will put a stack of All White tissue at the ends of the tube so no one knows the colors inside of the tube until the moment the flicking begins.  
This is a great way to add a bit of a boost to your profits without having to do much more. Be sure when you call us to order mention you're a balloon professional so we can give you our WHOLESALE pricincing. You can IGNORE our ONLINE pricing if you're a Balloon Professional.
 Balloon Professionals Are Having Fun with Flutter FETTI

There are so many ways that balloon professionals have worked with us to create fun displays for their special events. It is a magical way to create a special feeling and to add more dimension to a special presentation.

To get started, speak to our Confettiologists to create the perfect balloon and confetti combination for your event. We offer wholesale pricing (not displayed online) on our confetti for all of our balloon professionals. When you want to create a magical experience, call us at 877-321-1999 to create the perfect confetti fun and to receive WHOLESALE PRICING.

 Want More Information?

Consult with our Balloon Expert, Joette Giardina, CBA from Lakeland, Florida. She’s been a full-time balloon pro since 2003 and has a wide range of experience to offer to you. Check out her online and in-person training at to assist you as you grow your thriving balloon business. Or check out the product links on this page for more information on party balloon decorations.

All prices are in US Dollars
Disclaimer: Note some tissue confetti products are colored with dye that may stain if they become damp or wet. Please remove wet confetti immediately upon discharge.  Our metallic film will NOT STAIN if it becomes wet.